Geometric chain earrings with tiny acorn charms! So cute and fun to make 😊

2021.10.18 15:37 acornshop Geometric chain earrings with tiny acorn charms! So cute and fun to make 😊

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2021.10.18 15:37 _pipoca Help with a date in Latin format

Hallo everybody, I want my marriage date (17.04.2010) written in Latin format, I used two translation tools and both have the same output a.d.XV.Kal.Mai. MMX. Could somebody confirm that this is the way the date in Latin format is supposed to be written?
Thanks in advance
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2021.10.18 15:37 SabrinaFascista Kirchnerista al enterarse de que un chorro fue baleado mientras asaltaba un geriátrico (circa 2021, colorized)

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2021.10.18 15:37 bigaidanlaf55 Giratina raid add 2056 3264 1343

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2021.10.18 15:37 TheBlueInkspot why do people hate ktm

just finished my 1k on my duke 250 and i’ve been having a blast. i’ve noticed everytime i look online about ktm i see people saying it’s unreliable and so on. why is this?
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2021.10.18 15:37 Gareth711 Laser engraving onto birch faced ply

This is how to laser engrave photographs.
This was actually done by Russ Sadler, as part of his new laser video tutorial series.
The Concise RDWorks Learning Lab Series -
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2021.10.18 15:37 Sure_thing_boomer $PROG GANG LFG 🚀🐸🆙🚀🆙

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2021.10.18 15:37 Gear-Affe Weird file in Android internal storage

I found a weird file in my android storage. It is simply called 934D3E4D2AB891812E9FB75F6BFB110E04EFFF3AAA42885BF7D41EE4B7F77C2A and doesn't even have a data extension. Does anyone know what it is?
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2021.10.18 15:37 Pug_tech [wdywt] Allan please add fit description

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2021.10.18 15:37 Creative-Farmer4746 Read the comments

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2021.10.18 15:37 penguincheerleader Protester shot by Kyle Rittenhouse in Kenosha is now suing Wisconsin authorities

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2021.10.18 15:37 KaliaDCG $UATG Strategic Partner NextCast Receives Patent Approval
Tampa, FL, Oct. 18, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Umbra Applied Technologies Group, Inc (OTC Pink: UATG) (“UAT Group”) announced today that strategic partner Next Casting Technologies has received its Notice of Allowance from the United States Patent Office, paving the way for its advanced SmartCast, IntelliBrace and BioSplint technology to enter into patented production.
UAT Chief Executive Officer Alex Umbra, stated, “The NextCast SmartCast system has been under development and testing for quite some time. This is the final step of a lengthy patent process before entering the production phase of these product lines.”
Next Casting Technologies (NCT) is a research and design-centric, biomedical technology company, with an expanding portfolio of intellectual property. The SmartCast Application allows the casting technician to slip the SmartCast around the affected limb and position to fit by using a simple “mold and hold” technique. Lastly, the cast is activated by pressing the button to initiate the curing process. Within 4 minutes that cast is hardened, fixed in place and is not dependent on the technician’s artistry, or lack thereof. The results are a predictable standard of care across the patient spectrum. The end result is a completely waterproof, antimicrobial, orthopedic cast, that is time saving for clinicians and a superior standard of care for patients.
Mark Estrada, Chief Executive Officer of NextCast commented, “This is what we have been waiting for. We initially filed with an expanded overview of the technology to include casting, bracing and splinting. Now that the United States Patent Office has approved this outline we can proceed with continuing claims. I am excited to move forward to the production phase of this new and exciting product line”.
The company anticipates beginning production of the SmartCast product line and sharing the technology via our updated web site in the coming weeks with revenues being reported on its financial statements in Q1 2022.
Why this is important: UATG has a 26% equity interest in NextCast. Earlier this year UATG released a video with revenue estimations of $11million over a 12-18month period back when they only had a 20% equity interest in the company. UATG currently brings in a few hundred thousand dollars in revenue quarterly.
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2021.10.18 15:37 goodnewsjimdotcom Any Christians here? It took me til my 30s to understand we're supposed to date in the spirit and marry.

I was only ever into serious relationships anyway before I learned God commands us to marry and not just stay faithful to your S.O.
My first relationship was an amazing tale of meeting a woman online, chatting with her for a year not knowing what she looked like. Getting a photo in the mail that was unflattering, but I drove out the 600 miles cuz she's like a good friend at this point. When she opened the door, I was stunned. She was so much my type that I was awestruck! We dated for like 7 years, and I never proposed just said,"We should stay together for life but not marry, right." and she laughed... I guess cuz it was such a bad idea. She asked,"Mind if I make friends with guys online?" I told her,"Make friends with whoever you want. I'm not going to take away your freedom." Now I know the meaning of Toby Keith's "I wish I didn't know now what I didn't know then." Cuz she ninja married one of 'em.
Since then, I have had two fiances but no marriages. First one cheated on me, and the second one admitted she wasn't serious in her heart anyway, and just wanted the thrill of a relationship. The more times you get cut, the less pain you feel. This isn't a sad thing, but kinda nice cuz movin on doesn't take much. I figure third time is a charm.
I have God on my side. He acts in my day to day. Prayer works when God wills it. We can't expect God to do everything we pray for, because he is not the play thing of kings. Yet, we do have the power to do anything through God. So I walk in the spirit of love, dancing in public, and being kind to nature and my pets because Genesis 1 says so. You'd be surprised at how many women stop and smile, giggle, celebrate, and strike up a conversation with me when I am dancing out and about. I feel sad by people who get conned by country songs that say if a girl does you bad to drink yourself into a stupor and check out on life. I enjoy single hood's freedoms as I pursue finding the lady woman I'll be like spendifying my life with.
In conclusion: I do recommend being one with the spirit of Love, it brings joy and peace to your heart. Dancing in public even if society doesn't do it is cool. Remember even if you think this society frowns on dancing, remember it is also a society that 75% are overweight. Who cares what other's think about you. God loves ya, and he's always with ya. Love's the way.
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2021.10.18 15:37 CommanderFaie Where do you buy from

Hello, I haven’t collected Pokémon since crystal guardians when I was a kid and was thinking about getting back into collecting. I see that celebrations is the new thing out and I just want 1 standard box but everywhere I look it’s out of stock. Will places like GameStop restock them or is this a limited release? Where do you buy from?
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2021.10.18 15:37 Filmfan345 On this day 10 years ago, the game Batman: Arkham City was released!

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2021.10.18 15:37 goldenmouthed Hot take: reformed sermons and books should cite the early church fathers at least as often as Calvin did

I attend a reformed church and read a decent amount of books within our tradition. After reading a good amount of early church fathers over the past year I am puzzled as to why pastors, teachers, and scholars within our tradition rarely cite anyone before 1500.
A few years ago a couple men of our church took on a multi-year project to read through Calvin's Institutes together. One thing that just about everyone noticed when reading the Institutes is how much Calvin tries to tie his beliefs or scripture interpretation back to the early church. He was clearly doing this to show that he was defending the catholic faith from modern inventions. In contrast, I have never heard an early church father referenced in my church (or most podcasts I listen to) but I have heard plenty of Luther, Calvin, Ursinus, and other modern commentators.
Today I fear that some of the reformed church has become rather insular in its thinking. Certainly citing Calvin, Beza, Ursinus, Bavinck, Hodge, Keller, etc. is better than the non-denom tendency to not think you have any church history. But wouldn't it do our congregants well to regularly use the early church in discussions and exegesis? If upon sermon preparation you find that Calvin's commentary and Chrysostom are making the same helpful point, wouldn't it be better to cite the earlier commentator?
Possible reasons for not doing this:

From where I am perched, these reasons are unreasonable and/or lacking. I am curious to hear everyone else's opinions.
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2021.10.18 15:37 jaynalaribe3 38 [F4M] #Seattle - Trying to help my wife find a dinner date a night or two this week

My wife has been in Seattle for going on 2 weeks for work. She is staying in a hotel downtown. She turned 38 last weekend and I was supposed to fly out and spend a few days and go to a nice dinner but I am not able to go now. She wants to go out to dinner but doesn't want to go solo.
I suggested setting something up online but she didn't want to deal with trying to sort through to find someone cool and go through all that. So I said I would post and kind of sort through and find someone I think she will like and then put you guys in touch to make plans.
I am not a pic collector, not trying to scam you or get your personal info, dinner would be my treat of course. I am re-posting cause people think this is some sort of scam but I dont see the angle I would be scamming anyone. Just trying to help her make a nice friend.
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2021.10.18 15:37 Julian_m1 ワクチン打ったけど記録がない? 国の管理システム、一部を誤登録か:朝日新聞デジタル

ワクチン打ったけど記録がない? 国の管理システム、一部を誤登録か:朝日新聞デジタル submitted by Julian_m1 to newsokuexp [link] [comments]

2021.10.18 15:37 AfroWarrior27 Trying to find a sprite edit of Kyoko.

There was a sprite edit of Kyoko that had her in a noodle cup costume that was posted here about a year ago. Unfortunately the poster deleted all there post so I'm wondering if anyone here happen to save the image by chance.
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2021.10.18 15:37 halzawa My husband continually texts me to complain about me while we areakung arguments. Is this normal?

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2021.10.18 15:37 garmonbozia94 [art] Bloop a plasmoid nature cleric

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2021.10.18 15:37 d_sarif Is there a way to see the exact time of LRHR?

When I look at the sleep section of the app, it shows a white dot on the graph where the LRHR is.
It's roughly halfway between 2 hours on the graph, enough to estimate but I can't see a button to display the exact time the LRHR happens. Is there a way to do this?
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2021.10.18 15:37 JH043 🦄

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2021.10.18 15:37 Basic-Fill-8307 Where were you the first time listening to EA & how was it ?

I’ll never forget I was in class with no signal, so I had to leave and go download the album on Spotify & hearing the intro to baby pluto had me going crazy
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2021.10.18 15:37 NoEayMn844 Ds3 Ps4 help with gundyr password:gzn

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