[Google Form] Advice needed

We would like to show you a description here but the site won’t allow us. TASTE.COM We would like to show you a description here but the site won’t allow us. We would like to show you a description here but the site won’t allow us. Romeo and Juliet Shakespeare homepage | Romeo and Juliet . You can buy the Arden text of this play from the Amazon.com online bookstore: Romeo and Juliet (Arden Shakespeare: Second Series) Entire play in one page. Act 1, Prologue: PROLOGUE Act 1, Scene 1: Verona.A public place. Every 3 metre square of the world has been given a unique combination of three words. Used for e-commerce and delivery, navigation, emergencies and more. Welcome to the home of Pegasus Mail, the Internet's longest-serving PC e-mail system, and of the Mercury Mail Transport System, our full-featured Internet Mail Server. Pegasus Mail is a free product, dedicated to serving all who need it, whilst Mercury is a modestly-priced commercial system that allows free use for private and non-profit users. The Star E-dition . Welcome to The Star E-dition ! Now you can read The Star E-dition anytime, anywhere. The Star E-dition is available to you at home or at work, and is the same edition as the printed copy available at the newsstand. Massachusetts Rep. Bud L. Williams sat for two hours listening to current and former trial court employees from across the state speaking, while fighting back tears in a couple of instances, about ... On Day 2 of India Today Conclave 2021, Richa Chadha spoke about how India needed intelligent content. She added that while she was excited about being offered Inside Edge, many called it a demotion.

2021.10.18 15:37 fref0x20 [Google Form] Advice needed

I am newly using Google Form feature, and having trouble in set up the section as descriped below:
When user complete the first section, there will be a conditional question if it is the end of the answer, if they answer "NO" then it will auto pop up a dubplicate section, then the process will follow until the user answer "YES".
Any idea which script or tools that might be used. Thank you.
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2021.10.18 15:37 Lavender-Arima Help me pick a laptop.

View Poll
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2021.10.18 15:37 GrayJay85 DIY mattress, Not sure what to use for a support layer.

I've read the DIY sticky but still unsure of what to get for a comfort layetopper.
I'm 5'9" roughly 175lbs.
I'm looking for something firm enough for when sleeping on my back but soft enough my hips can sink into when I need to transition to my side.
It will be going on top of a 3-4" thick middle layer of 36 ILD HQ polyfoam. I'm currently sleeping on 2" of 36ILD on top of 6" of 50ILD and it's causing lower back pain from being too firm when side sleeping.
I'm trying to keep this inexpensive but also quality.
Was thinking the 12 ILD super soft topper from foam by mail but that seems like it would be too soft.
Any help would be appreciated.
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2021.10.18 15:37 KaiserHomesTuscany Hey Guys !

Hey guys, I'm just new here on Reddit and wanted to introduce myself briefly. My name is Dennis, I'm currently living in Tuscany, Italy and together with my girlfriend I opened a small online shop on Friday where we offer unique, handmade interior accessories that are made here in Tuscany. I would love to exchange ideas with people about anything to do with interior accessories! Does anyone know of a nice group where I can exchange ideas about interior design, architecture and so on? Thanks, Dennis :)
Here is our Online-Shop Kaiser Homes Tuscany
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2021.10.18 15:37 muckitymuck and.... scene.

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2021.10.18 15:37 Enigma2107 Need help upgrading my PC

Hey guys, So my PC is 5 years old now and I decided it's time to upgrade it. I don't know much about hardware so I would really appreciate it if you guys can give me some advice. My current build: CPU: Intel Xeon E3-1231v3 Main: Gigabyte B85M-D3H Ram: DRR3 8gb VGA: Gigabyte GTX 1060 6gb PSU: Antec VP500PC
I'm planning to get a SSD and upgrade my CPU, Ram and Mainboard first. My budget for them is about 500+ USD. I google search some viable builds and decided to go with an i5 10400f with a b560 mainboard for now. Is there any better combination as I mainly use my PC for gaming.
Thanks in advance!
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2021.10.18 15:37 krasivka ITAP of a beauty of fall

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2021.10.18 15:37 ekaloji "Ne bileyim sonuna kadar Cumhuriyet Halk Partisi'nin benim partim olarak kalacağını?"

CHP genel sekreteri Recep Peker'in CHP ile ilgili bir vesikayı Atatürk'e imzalatmaya getirdiğinde Atatürk vesika üzerine:
sözünü yazınca, rahmetli Recep Peker:
-Paşam niçin Cumhuriyet Halk Partisi yazmıyorsunuz?
diye sormuştur. Atatürk:
-"Ne bileyim sonuna kadar Cumhuriyet Halk Partisi'nin benim partim olarak kalacağını?"
Falih Rıfkı Atay, Babanız Atatürk (s. 57)
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2021.10.18 15:37 IZAQ_Gaming En vacker kombination (PS använd nästa bild som bakgrund)

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2021.10.18 15:37 Sultryingtu LEGO City Downtown Fire Brigade 60216 Building Kit (943 Pieces) is on sale for 28% off

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2021.10.18 15:37 171771 The Man who Would Be Governor hugging random strangers with no mask. Nice.

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2021.10.18 15:37 zoiksTrixie C Street backyard. 1949. Dad is so proud of his boy!

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2021.10.18 15:37 Lilaq88 Does your daily point allowance change as you lose weight--i.e. go up?? Also Purple Plan question

Hi there - I just joined last week and have lost 5 pounds the first week. Suddenly my points allowance went UP. Is that an error or is it because I lose more than what WW considers "healthy"? I started on Blue and had a daily points total of 24. Then I logged my 5 pounds loss and my points went up to 28??!! that made no sense to me, unless WW thinks I'm losing too fast (?).
Then side question--I started comparing the plans and having a huge selection on the 0 points list sounds great, so I just switched to Purple. However, can you really just eat all you want of the 0 points food and still lose weight?? (Oatmeal, whole grain pasta, etc.?) Probably a silly question--I know instinctively to watch how much to eat--seems too good to be true on Purple!
Also, there doesn't seem to be a Q&A or "contact us with questions" section on the WW website. I don't really need a coach--I get how to log my food, etc. I've done WW several times in the past before they switched to this new color-scheme plan.
Anyway, thanks in advance for answers!
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2021.10.18 15:37 martyychang If you could bring peace to the world with just one payment each month, would you do it?

And what if that one payment was simply your rent?
Major societal problems like poverty, food insecurity and chronic homelessness in America and other first-world countries can be traced to economic inequality. And economic inequality can be traced to one major factor: generational wealth accumulated and transferred through privately owned real estate. Thomas Picketty concisely explains this system in his film, Capital in the Twenty-First Century.
While Picketty advocates for government intervention in the form of more and better enforced taxation, I think there is a much more direct solution that can be implemented now, without waiting for laws to pass. That solution is to pool our resources, buy back private land, then return that land to be managed by local communities.
In Boston, a family of four can easily be charged $3,000/mo in rent for a small two-bedroom apartment. In our current system, that money goes to line the pockets of landlords who have already "made it." And in many cases, those landlords don't even live in the towns and cities where their rental properties exist.
If land was instead owned by the community, rent would flow directly back into the community, to improve infrastructure, education and services for the residents. Evictions would decrease as neighbors find ways to forgive and to help each other. Rent prices might even stabilize instead of growing at the whim of profit-driven landlords.
By voluntarily choosing to deprecate the system of private real estate that quietly perpetuates inequality and creates artificial scarcity (e.g., the affordable housing crisis in America), we can make meaningful progress toward a peaceful, post-scarcity meritocracy.
And all it takes is for you to make one contribution each month.
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2021.10.18 15:37 AlmightyPush35 Cursed_Chelsea

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2021.10.18 15:37 Thick-Waifu-UwU look at his dopey face, isn't he cute? <3

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2021.10.18 15:37 StarlightMaker Marina Geller "Early Songs" Neo Classical

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2021.10.18 15:37 Phatbrew Morph…

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2021.10.18 15:37 fantasticflamingo_3 I make $63k and spent $264.61 on my trip to Albuquerque, NM this weekend during the Southwest Airlines Fiasco

Section One: Bio
Single-income, 31, she/they pronouns
I work in real estate development for a non-profit.
Hometown: The Windy City / Home of Michelle Obama (aka Chicago)
Number of PTO days and how you accrue them: I get 11 PTO days a year. I’m proud of the work my org does, but we gotta get better benefits. I’ve been at my job for almost 3 years, and I’ve been squirreling away my PTO all this time. I was finally able to start using my PTO this year because the company hired more people.
Section Two: Assets + Debt

Vanguard brokerage account and Roth IRA $27k
Simple IRA $15k
HSA $2k I don’t put any more money into this since I decided a HSA was not the right sort of health insurance for me.
Savings account $13k This is my emergency fund. I should probably pad it a bit more since I own a hundred year old house.
Checking account $1k Usually floats between $1k-3k.
Cryptocurrency $4k Lol, I’m a millennial ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
House $400k I bought my house a few months before the pandemic for $320k with a $70k down payment (to avoid PMI). As you know, housing prices have mad appreciated since then and online valuations have my house at over $400k now. How I got the $70k downpayment - I’ve been aggressively saving since college for a house, and I’ve only worked at non-profits so you know I got paid crap/mediocre. I always knew I needed to live near my parents since my parents don’t speak English and need my help with many things. I also knew I couldn’t rent in the City because it was instilled in me that paying for rent was a sucker’s move when you could be using that money to pay down equity for a house. So in my twenties, I saved slowly and aggressively, didn’t put any money into retirement accounts, went away to grad school for a couple of years, and lived under my parents’ roof for a few more years. My parents helped me with part of the downpayment ($15k), I put in $45k, and my lender, Bank of America, pitched in $10k (I know right? They had a special thing going on for working-class, first time home buyers buying in a low-income area.)
Total Assets: $462k

Credit card debt $0 I pay it off every month.
Student loan debt $0 I have an undergraduate and master’s degree. For undergrad, I received a needs-based scholarship because we were poor. College ended up costing around $8k a year, but my parents and I paid most of it off every year (we split the cost if I remember correctly). By the time I graduated, I had $10k in student loans, but my parents paid it off for me and refused to take the $10k from me after I made it back in a year. ***Side note: It’s culturally common for Chinese parents, no matter how poor, to help pay for their children’s education. It’s also fairly common for the parents to help with their children’s down payment. In my family, money matters between individuals isn’t as separated as it is amongst other non-Asian Americans. Rather, money flows relatively freely, to whomever needs it most. By taking care of me when I was younger, my parents fully expect me to take care of them when they are older (which is what I intend to do). Moving on, I got a master’s a few years ago and most of it was free because I had a research assistantship with the university that paid for my tuition and gave me a half-time salary. I had to pay for one semester which was about $10k, and I paid it off immediately with my savings (I hate debt and interest).
House debt $250k 30 year mortgage at 2.75%. I refinanced about half a year ago like so many others. Again, I hate debt and paying interest, and my instinct is yelling at me to pay off this mortgage ASAP, but I’ve read enough Reddit to understand how this debt can be good leverage if I invest my money in investments that will generate higher than 2.75% interest. So every month, instead of plunging all my extra dollars into my mortgage, I’m paying the minimum ~$1.5k a month (which covers the mortgage, home insurance, and property tax).
Total Debt: $250k

Section Three: Income
Main Job Monthly Take Home: $2,573.22 after deductions
(Deductions: Taxes - $881.24, Health insurance/dental insurance/FSA - $350.72, Retirement contributions - $1,040.00)
Side Gig Monthly Take Home: $800 - I rent out the garden unit of my house. It's a 1BR with all utilities included, we even share my crap internet.

Section Four: Travel Expenses and Diary
Apologies in advance about this MD being a bit long. There wasn't a lot of sleep on a couple of days and a lot of stuff happened.
Flight - $0. I have a lot of points with my Chase Ultimate Rewards through churning, and the round-trip flight was paid for using my points. The flight was worth $488.97.
Accommodations - $0. I stayed over at my friend’s (M.) house.

Wednesday (Day 1 – Pre-trip)
I wake up to the alarm at 8:30am, and I promptly scroll around on Reddit for half an hour. At 9am, I make myself get out of bed and open the blinds. Another gray day, when was the last time I saw blue skies? I log onto work and plug away for a couple of hours. At 11am, I take a short walk. Fall feels so good. When I come back, I do some more work and reheat some left overs (stir-fried seitan with red peppers, rice, and I make two over-easy eggs and wash a bunch of grapes). It’s a gigantic meal, and I eat this while attending a webinar for work. One of the panelists keeps sad-sighing while she’s presenting her information. I feel that, Shelby.
I’ve been distracted and have not worked on much this afternoon. This makes me sad. I tell myself I’’ll wake up early and get more done tomorrow morning (lol we’ll see). At 5pm, I make a Chinese cucumber salad. Then I go “running” with one of my best buds who lives across the street. She runs regularly. I do not. I run about 5 blocks and start walking, mostly because running is painful and partially because the neighborhood air pollution/diesel smells/dog pee odors are very noticeable this evening. It’s awful enough that I can barely breathe when I’m running! My friend’s a trooper and walks my sad body back home after I deposit a check at my bank.
At 7pm, I get to my parent’s house and I bring the cucumber salad. They’ve already eaten because I took too long to get there. Dad made a great meal (rice, fish, soup, tofu, mushrooms, etc.) After I eat, I help my parents log onto their retirement and brokerage account. We had to figure some stuff out and all of this took a while. Before I left, my mom passed along a bunch of bills I’m to help her pay with her checking account. She also gives me alot of other items to ask people foabout*. (*usually pertains to their healthcare accounts, numbers that don’t add up on accounts, letters from the city asking for crap, unexpected bills that we need more info on, etc.) It’s a lot of stuff and I’m not sure if I’ll get through it before my trip tomorrow. :-/
When I get back home by 9, I cut my hair in preparation for the trip. I’ve been cutting my hair since the pandemic started and I’ve saved hundreds of dollars (yay) but my haircuts don’t look too good (boo). I haven’t cut my fingers or ears off yet (yay). Btw, my hair is quite short and I have to cut it often. I finish cutting my hair today in good time – less than an hour! After cleaning up, I talk to my sleepy gf on the phone for a bit while I quickly begin packing for the trip. I’ve written up a list of things to bring a few days ago, but I get anxious because I’m always missing something.
11:30pm – Shit, I check into my flight 4 hours late. Why do I always miss check-in??? Probably not going to get a window seat (boo).
DAY 1 - $0 spent

Thursday (Day 2)
My alarm wakes me up at 8am and I hit snooze about 3 times. So tired. I drag myself out of bed and get on my work computer. I work through the morning but have a hard time focusing because of pre-trip jitters. At 10am, I make two servings of frozen cheese ravioli from Aldi’s for breakfast – toss them in some olive oil, black pepper, chili flakes and YUMS.
By 2pm, I finish my work assignment and send it over to the project manager. Then I start getting the house straightened so nothing dies or rots while I’m gone. I finish up some last minute packing and eat cereal. I also help my mom pay her bills using her checking account (my homework from yesterday). My dad has a $100 red light ticket, and I pay it off with my credit card ($100.00).
At some point, I realize I have a meeting that goes all the way until 5pm even though I need to leave my house at 4:30pm! I resolve to just join the meeting on my phone. For the last two hours of the work day, I am in meetings but I am mostly listening. At 4:30pm, I start walking with luggage towards the train station so I can catch the train to catch the plane. It is a bit of mess, stopping and unmuting everytime I needed to respond on the call, and I am sweating by the time I got the station. On the train ride ($2.50), I send out some work emails on my phone.
Here I am at Midway airport! My flight looks to be delayed by half an hour and I check my bag in. The overpriced food at the airport smells sooooo good. While I’m tempted to get a burger, I know I packed a protein bar with me for a reason. I go to Nuts on Clark and get some super delicious popcorn for M. (my friend I’m staying with in Albuquerque) – Garrett’s or Nuts on Clark popcorn is my go-to Chicago gift when I’m visiting other people ($15.75). While I wait for the flight, I text friends and gf, work on some work stuff, and catch up on the MD diary entries. Then… we keep waiting and waiting and waiting. And it comes to a point where I know I’’ll miss my layover connection in Phoenix. The teller tells me there’s no way I will be able to get to Albuquerque sooner than 10am the next day and gives me a few route/timing options. There is no food or hotel comp because it is a weather delay. Such a long delay has never happened to me before! I decide I’’ll just stay in the Phoenix, AZ airport overnight since it seems less likely to me that my checked bag will get lost.
I sad-eat my protein bar while messaging M., other friends, and gf. Gf insists that I buy a meal and she’ll pay for it. I refuse and she starts threatening me, so I give in. She knows I'm cheap and that I don't always take the best care of myself, she's the best. I decide I will get something in Phoenix since I will be hungry by then.
We finally take off two hours later. I tried sleeping as much as possible but only succeeded for 2 hours, the rest of the plane ride was cold and very uncomfortable.
DAY 2 - $118.25 spent total. $18.25 on trip stuff. $100 on non-trip stuff.

Friday (Day 3)
The Long Night
When I get inside the Phoenix airport, I look around and realize “oh no, NOTHING IS OPEN.” Fuck my life, I didn’t think about airport restaurant hours. I look around the terminal for a restaurant that have late hours or a food vending machine. The airport is very empty and nothing is open and there are no food vending machines. While I’m exploring, I see a wrapped sandwich at a payphone booth. I get closer to it and this big sandwich smells good. I examine the receipt that is in the bag with the sandwich… it’s a $22 cheddar breakfast sandwich that was purchased today in San Diego at 10:20AM. 12 hours unrefrigerated is a bit too long for me. I am not desperate yet so I leave the sandwich from California alone.
After a bit more exploring and giving up on a food source for the night, I sit down at a table and I charge my phone. Around midnight, I call one of my best buddies who lives in Hawai’i (H.) and we talk until about 4am. We have lots of fun talking and I forget my current problems/worries. At some point, I try to lay down across 3-armed chairs, and it kind of works because I am tiny. Near the end of our call, I start looking for a washroom that isn’t being cleaned. After wandering around a bit, I see one of those plushy neck pillow things on an information desk. I look around and there is no one nearby, it was probably left behind by someone. It smells fine so I take it. H tells me I'm gross. C'mon, tell me something new.
Hallelujah, the restaurants start opening at 5:30am!!! I spend about half an hour deciding which place I want to eat at. I ultimately buy a skimpy, oily breakfast burrito from some place called The Refuge Cafe. It costs $11.83, but my gf reimburses me for it at a later time. The burrito helps me feel 30% human. With the exhaustion and food in my belly, I sleep like a rock on the flight to Albuquerque. My new plushy neck pillow is SO COMFORTABLE.
When we get to the Albuquerque airport, I’m begging the universe for my bag not to be lost as I go towards the luggage pick-up. HALLELUJAH AGAIN, IT DID NOT GET LOST! I order a Lyft to get to the New Mexico University campus ($9.87 + $3.00 tip). The driver is super nice on our short ride and we talk about New Mexican food and the Sandia mountains nearby. M told me I would be able to do work at the NMU architecture building. So I get inside the architecture building, plop down all my stuff, put on some deodorant, and log on to my work computer. That is correct, I am still working today.
My body feels like complete shit now with the lack of sleep. M. recommends I order food from Frontier Restaurant, a very popular New Mexican food place. I order two carne adovada burritos and one green chile stew ($9.87). It’s a bit salty for me, but it’s quite good. When in New Mexico, you have to eat green and red chile! I work a few more hours. Then I walk around outside a bit more and talk to H. on the phone until M. picks me up. I haven’t seen M. in 9 years!
He drives us to a crest of the Sandia mountains and we do a small hike at the top. The views are amazing as the sun sets. It’s very cold though. I also get short of breath quickly and slightly nauseous.
When we drive back into Albuquerque, M. orders from a Mexican restaurant but I’m not hungry, just very tired. At his place, I take a shower and feel 50% more human. M left me a carne asada taco. I dice up an avocado I found in his kitchen and add it to the taco. Delicious.
M. recommends this TV show called Reservation Dogs. It sounds dope so I ask to watch it. We watch the first episode and eat grapes. While we’re watching the episode, M. comments on how the Oklahoma Natives talk like the characters on the show, how his house on the Navajo reservation is like this house, how his uncle talks exactly like that character, etc. I appreciate the comments.
We go to sleep at 9pm. YES, SLEEEEEEP.

DAY 3 - $22.74 spent.
Saturday (Day 4)
The Early Morning
Unfortunately, I wake up at 1am and cannot go back to sleep.
3:45am – The alarm goes off and we’re up.
4:10am – We leave the house for the ~*Balloon Fiesta*~!!
M. has a hook up with his best friend, and we get a police escort straight into the Balloon Fiesta. We don’t wait in any absurdly long lines, park super close to the festival grounds, and get in for free.
There are already thousands of people at the festival even though it’s barely 5am. M. and I spend the next hour going through all the vendors. It was super cool and lots of fun. I bought: cute clay animal that hangs off a pot + two pins ($22), one other pin ($3), 11 postcards ($11). We waited in an absurdly long line for 2 breakfast burritos and coffee which I paid for ($21). As the early morning progressed, the hot air balloons were getting blown up and lit up, and a very cool light show began!
Regular Morning
All the balloons got blown up but they didn’t ascend because the wind conditions weren’t right. I’ve been wanting to come to the Balloon Fiesta for years and to not see them ascend was a pretty big bummer. However, walking through the hundreds of balloons on the field was awesome! I’ll have to come back some other year to see them ascend. M. and I leave around 11am to go back to his place. I make him stop at an Asian grocery store because my body is still going haywire and I am in need of a home cooked meal with lots of veggies. I buy bok choy, noodles, instant ramen, tofu, green onions, miso, and frozen siu mai ($22.99). M. and I get back to his place and we pass the fuck out.
I wake up after a couple of hours and make noodles for myself and instant ramen for M., siu mai and miso soup included. We're both stuffed after eating. After cleaning up, we spend the rest of the afternoon listening to EDM while painting a large canvas together with acrylic paint. We do whatever the heck we want with the paints. It’s my first time using acrylic, and I love it! 10/10 bonding time.
M. has a close friend who runs a French restaurant. We get to the restaurant at 7pm, and there’s no one in the restaurant except for his friend in the kitchen. M’s friend closed the restaurant early but he still generously serves us a large sampler dinner: buttered shrimp flambe and a salad for appetizers; tarragon chicken, french boeuf bourguignon, roasted salmon fillet, buttered scallops with sun-dried tomatoes for entrees; rice and veggies as sides. WOW! What an experience! At some point, M.’s brother came by to hang out because all of them are friends. M’s friend, the chef, comes out and eats whatever we didn’t finish. We have the whole restaurant to ourselves the entire time and it’s quite chill.
I didn’t pay anything for this meal but I kept asking M. how we should pay his friend… M. keeps saying it’s fine because he’s practically family. I’m not sure how to pay M’s friend back since this is a weird situation, so I take M’s word for it. I say thank you profusely to M’s friend, and after everything’s eaten and cleaned up, M. gives his friend and his brother a ride back to their place. Afterwards, M. and I go to one of his favorite bars where he knows some of the staff. It’s a fancy bar and we get discounted drinks. I drink half of my drink and get super tipsy. M. pays the tab. We go home and get ready for sleep. As I lay in bed, I google the elevation difference between Chicago and Albuquerque. Apparently, Albuquerque is about 5,000 ft higher. It also looks like I’ve been doing the opposite of a lot of these altitude adjustment recommendations. Yeesh, glad I didn’t faint off the cliff that first night. I drink some water and go to sleep.
DAY 4 - $79.99 spent

Sunday (Day 5)
We sleep the entire night and when I wake up, I feel 100% human! M. and I make our way to a dim sum restaurant in town. This dim sum place still serves people with the push carts! I haven’t seen them used in probably over a decade. The food was okay but M. loves it. He eats 7 pork siu mai. We both eat a ton of food. I pay for our meal ($45.73).
We go back to his house and M. takes a nap because he has food coma. I start walking around his neighborhood. Albuquerque is not walkable at all. I make my way to a nearby park, lay down on my blanket, and call up H. I talk to him for a couple of hours while looking at the nearby mountains and sky. It’s so grand, I love it.
Around 3pm, I get back to M’s place, and we head out again. This time, we go to his best friend’s family’s house. This family took M. in during his high school years (M had an unstable family situation). I meet the dad of the house and M’s friend’s sisters. All of them are nice, but I have the most fun with the dad. The dad created an outstanding backyard with date trees and a super cool koi pond. We hang out in the backyard for most of our time there and I eat so many fresh dates from the date tree (it was essentially my dinner). A few more people came by to hang out. M. shares the Chicago popcorn I gave him. The dad serves us all red wine and gives me a lot to drink, though I give a lot of my wine to M. when the dad wasn’t looking.
M. and I take our leave from the family’s house after hanging out for a few hours, and go to La Michocana so M. can get some queso on hot cheetos and a drink. At the apartment, I paint some more on our masterpiece while M. starts watching Squid Game. I’ve already seen it and he keeps asking me for spoilers (what kind of person does this???)
DAY 5 - $45.73 spent

Monday (Day 6) - Took a full day PTO
Happy Indigenous People’s Day! I wake up around 8am and make M. and I breakfast using left over dimsum and my groceries. After eating and cleaning up, we hop into his car for a three hour ride to the Navajo reservation where he grew up and his grandma/other family still lives in. The desert is beautiful and scary to a Midwesterner like me. The big rocks! The brown-ness! The sky!
We stop by a market on the reservation to buy cooked mutton and two packs of pop. I insist on paying for it ($34.33). Before we get to his grandma’s house, we stop by Window Rock and take some pictures because I am a tourist. At Window Rock, there is a small pow-wow happening with educational materials and a speech. M. and I want to stay longer but we are on a tight schedule.
We roll up to his grandma’s place that is on top of a mountain/hill/rock. It’s super windy up here. We see two scary looking dogs barking at us. M. calls them “rez dogs.” These rez dogs are all bark and no bite, thank goodness.
His grandma, aunt, two cousins, and cousins’ babies are in the house and chilling out. I talk to them for a bit. After grandma finishes frying bread, she comes and talks to me. I like her a lot, the way she laughs reminds me of my mom. For some reason, she tells me so much about her life the entire time we were there – all the happy and sad parts. M. later tells me he was surprised she opened up to me like that. We eat Navajo tacos and the store mutton. I love fry bread tacos!!
We spend the rest of the time talking with the family and walking outside a bit. There’s many rez dogs, and M. contemplates taking a rez puppy we see. I tell M. puppies are a lot of work. In the house, M. asks if he can take one of the few-months-old cats hanging out on the couch. He gives his cousin twenty bucks and grabs a cat he’s been petting and two tins of cat food. Apparently, M.’s been wanting a kitten or puppy for his upcoming birthday.
Having this new passenger with us on our way back was certainly an unexpected surprise. This affectionate cat is just in my lap for the three hours we drive back. I'm not sure if this is illegal, but I hardly have any trouble with the kitty and he loves cuddling and pets. We try to come up with names for the cat, but M. decides to call him Swag.
We drive straight to a Petsmart in the city and take Swag into the store with us. M and I grab all the essentials – food, litter, litterbox, etc. I get some treats and a couple of fun toys like a laser pointer for Swag. M pays almost a hundred dollars and I pay ($26.50).
When we get back his house, we set up the litter box and food and water for Swag and he hides under the table for a while. We put on Squid Game and a couple of M.’s friends come over to see the cat and chat with us. One of them says that Swag is a weird name (I agree) and that M. should name him Gucci. Then the kitty’s name became Gucci Swag. They’re fun to talk to but M. and I were exhausted (on a Sunday night!) They eventually left by 11pm and I went to sleep. Swag kept trying to rest in the litter box the entire night.
DAY 6 - $60.83 spent

Tuesday (Day 7) - Half day PTO
4:30am – I wake up and get ready for my early flight. This entire weekend, I have been pleading with any higher diety that will listen to me for my Southwest flight to not get suddenly cancelled or delayed because I have meetings scheduled today starting at 2pm CST (I know, I know). I plead doubly hard this morning. I play around with Swag and pet him lots, I will miss him so much. Now I’m wondering if I should get a cat.
5am – Fuck, there are no Lyfts or Ubers coming. I shamefully wake up M. and have him drive me to the airport. When we get to the airport, we say goodbye and I give him ($25) for some of the gas money he spent this weekend. I’ll have to give him a really awesome bday present this year. When I get past security, I buy myself a green chile breakfast burrito ($12.07). My first flight is not delayed or cancelled, and I sleep like a log on the flight to my layover Denver. Plushy neck pillow came in clutch again.
8am – I’m in Denver waiting for my flight. At my gate, they announce they need a dozen people to volunteer to board another flight and they’d give a $900 Southwest voucher for the inconvenience. Uh heck yeah! I got in line to be a volunteer and they reroute me for a plane going to O’Hare in Chicago that is boarding immediately. I get a $900 Southwest voucher with my $190 plane ticket refunded. Easiest $1,090 I’ve ever earned. (In hindsight, this seems like an extremely generous voucher and I wonder if they were overcompensating because of the Southwest Airlines fiasco that happened).
Touchdown in Chicago! It takes me about two hours to get back home from O’Hare via public transportation. So worth those vouchers. I get back home ten minutes before 2pm and I hop on my meetings. I work for a few hours and then go grocery shopping ($18.95)
Gf comes over to my place. I make and eat dinner. Gf has already eaten dinner but she eats a lot of watermelon I bought for her. We talk about our weekends and I tell her about my trip adventures and show her my trip pictures. We makeout and go to sleep early.
DAY 7 – $56.02 total. $37.07 on trip expenses. $18.95 on non-trip expenses.

$383.56 WEEK TOTAL.

Section Five Use this section to share how you afforded this trip.
This MD was a fun exercise because I’ve never tracked how much I spend on a vacation. Expense wise (~$50 a day including lodging) is probably how much I spend on a trip if I am staying at a friends’ house. You can probably also tell I’m super frugal (though I have a lot of fun with it). Even though quite a bit of stuff happened, I planned for this to be a really chill and cheap trip, so I didn’t do any extra saving to afford this trip.
I am so thankful that I was only partially impacted by the Southwest Airlines’ delays and cancellations that so many other thousands of people were affected by. A cancellation would've easily made my trip a nightmare. I also am thankful for not fainting and falling off the Sandia mountain on my first night in Albuquerque.
TLDR – Southwest Airlines shitshow, sleep deprivation, hot air balloons, lots of food, acrylic painting, lots of hangout time, Navajo Nation, new cat, fat Southwest voucher
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2021.10.18 15:37 Upbeat_Advertising64 Can't say I'm surprised...

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2021.10.18 15:37 NovelNaive9286 Interference when hooking up Yamaha HS 7 directly to mainboard

I just bought a pair of Yamaha HS 7 monitors which I plan to use with my PC. I also ordered this unbalanced 3.5mm to mono 6.3mm cable, and hooked up the speakers directly to the audio outputs of my motherboard. Unfortunately, I get pretty bad static noise. At first I thought it came from my wifi card, but even after removing it, the noise still remains. I had a cheapo USB DAC lying around (one of those for ten bucks) and tried connecting my speakers using that to a macbook, and I don't get any interference that way. Then, I tried using exactly this DAC with my PC, and the interference came back.
Things I've tried: - both the rear and front audio outputs of my PC - cheap DAC with my PC - move macbook + cheap DAC next to my PC to check if any interference appears (no issue) - used USB-C dongle with my PC and plugged in the cheap DAC
So I think that my mainboard is generating some interference. However, I did not have any problems with my previous speakers or with my headphones.
What are other things I could try? I contacted thomann's customer support and they suggested me to buy a focusrite scarlett interface and a symmetric XLR cable, since the Yamahas expect "+4dBu symmetric signals". Is there an alternative to that? I don't really want to spend another €100 on this.
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2021.10.18 15:37 SouthMaize0 Gardening Classes?

I’m quite interested in changing my lawn from useless grass to a place of diversity and harvest. However I know little to nothing about getting started on this process and I would like to educate myself. I was wondering if there are paid or unpaid resources out there in the city for me to learn. Be it volunteering, classes or some other venue. I did find this online but it doesn't seem to have been updated since 2019.
As far as my learning style goes I would prefer something in person but if you know online resources I am open to seeing those as well. Could anyone point me in the right direction? Maybe GRPL has something?
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2021.10.18 15:37 yoyikix194 How to handle project specific events and how ArcGIS JS api handles them

I'm trying to determine how to best handle project specific event driven changes for an ArcGIS project I'm working on (requests directly from client on how to handle events). It's been difficult for me to both, for example, have something happen with a single click on a map, but NOT have ArcGIS event happen on different events like a double click or wheel event ( zooming in for ArcGIS). It seems like when one zooms via wheel or dbl click, it calls the main esri request again/reverts to old attributes that were established when I created the initial instance of TileLayer?
when I search on Arcgis site (developers.arcgis.com), I can't find any details on this in documentation for the API version I'm using (found event stuff for some random 3.x version, but on a 4.x now).
Do you think it would be acceptable for me to just do a lot of project specific events in JS (do this on click/single click, stop default ArcGIS stuff on mousewheel, etc, etc) and try to override anything ArcGIS specific that's happening?
If that's a bad idea, I'm open to other things of course. Just been trying to come up with proposed solutions and not just request that others tell me how.
thank you :)
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2021.10.18 15:37 Zankova Other than Love somehow still being alive, I don’t think there’s any reason for me to look forward to season 4. I’m definitely not interested in another girl for Joe to stalk or finding Marianne. They were just so entertaining together( Love and Joe) 😭

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2021.10.18 15:37 quaint-mime LI connection request before interview?

I recently applied for an internship position at a startup company on LinkedIn. I noticed that the point of contact for the job posting was the CEO. Since the company I work for now is in a somewhat similar industry with a similar business model and a similar target clientele, I noticed we had quite a few mutual connections.
I decided to send him a connection request since we're connected to quite a few of the same people and I thought this may help me stand out among applicants and may help to land an interview. I typically wouldn't connect with a recruiter on LinkedIn, but I thought it may show that I'm somewhat familiar with his company's industry and audience.
However, now I'm contemplating if this may come off as overbearing or pushy since I haven't even got an interview yet let alone working for the company. Am I just overthinking or would I have been better off not connecting with him? He hasn't accepted it yet btw.
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