Natural Language Processing Real World Use-cases In Python

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2021.10.18 17:06 MaryQueenOSquats Anyone know why I sometimes get a bonus 10 SP?

I've been running Herald of The Worm on repeat to farm SP. I generally get 34 SP when all cleaners are alive at the end and nobody goes down. This includes completing 1-2 of the bonus missions.
Some games, I'll randomly get 44 SP and can't seem to figure out why. Any ideas?
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2021.10.18 17:06 Comfortable-Debt-316 No grindable camos for base melee? Question for those who have unlocked damascus

I am currently grinding for damascus and noticed that base melee doesn't have grindable camos. Does that mean I can get damascus without using base melee? Or do I even need to grind camos for any melee for damascus?
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bon ok je sors...LAM
n'empêche que eux, ils financent pas les islamistes! bande de cons.
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2021.10.18 17:06 Alien_Sunflowers Gay Friend Lies To Me So He Can Move In Abuses My Families Kindness Ends Up Losing His Dream Job Due To Terrible Attitude

Disclaimer: I am new to Reddit this is my first post and English is not my first language. Sorry for any spelling error please show me some mercy.
So this story might be more pro-revenge/pro-karma by my mother instead of me BUT this story begins years ago when I (Female 25) was a fresh faced 19 year old still living with my parents. I had graduated high school 2 years prior but was still living at home due to the fact that I was recovering from severe depression and an eating disorder (I'd been severely bullied in school about my weight and began starving myself which only made me fatter and to top it off when I was 12 a 27 year old man targeted me and groomed me for 5 years into being his easily abused perfect future housewife I only got away with him with the help of my friends and my parents only learned after the fact when I was brave enough to tell them). Despite being in recovery however I worked for my dad whenever he needed, cooked, cleaned, gardened, massaged my mothers feet (she got into a terrible accident at 17 that shattered her knee she can walk and work fine but she would get awful pain in her feet to the point of tears massaging regularly helped) I'd gladly help out with my little cousin whenever my uncle needed it which was frequently, and generally just did anything my family needed me to do. I was really proud of myself at the time for how well I was recovering from my depression and eating disorder and I my relationship with my parents was doing great.
Enter my friend (male 18) we will call him 'Dan'. Now Dan is gay, he came out to me when we were still in highschool together and I just sort of laughed and said "yeah? so? I'm Bi and planning on taking a girl to grad as my date." he was really happy when this was my reaction as we lived in a very religious conservative town and he was worried he'd lose me as a friend. He also confessed that he was terrified at how his parents would react when they found out and he was convinced his father would throw him out. I told him that if that ever happened my family would take him in just like they had taken in my older gay cousin, my friend was shocked when I said this because my dad looks very much like your stereotypical redneck (long hair + beard + camo and plaid overlaid on top of each other) I laughed it off and told him that my dad may look that way but he loves my gay cousin like his own son and if my gay uncle wasn't an alchoholic he'd still be in our lives as well. Dan was relieved and thanked me for offering him a place to stay should the worst ever come to pass with his own family.
Well flash forward and I'm waking up one day when I notice my phone blowing up I look at the messages and its Dan in an absolute panic. He's telling me his father found out he was gay and now hes sure that there going to throw him out or worse send him to some kind of camp to be 'fixed'. I panic and send him a message asking him where his parents are. He tells me there gone but he has no idea when they'll be back and hes terrified. I tell him to pack and I'll be right over with the cavalry. I run downstairs tell my parents who are horrified and we start up the truck drive over to his house and within 30 minutes we have his room packed up and are driving back home. Our house is pretty small so I end up giving him the larger half of my room with the TV and xbox (I figured this way he wouldn't need to use the living room TV and my parents could still watch there shows in the evening) and I take the smaller half we set up a curtain to divide the space and he unpacks and moves in. I noticed hes in weirdly high spirits despite everything but decide to let him come to me if he needs to talk and instead tell him the house rules since he will be living with us from now on.
The house rules are fairly simple: If someone makes you a meal you thank them, if you cant eat the prepared meal you make your own meal. Try your best not to waste food as we have a tight monthly food budget. Everyone has there 'personal' snacks you dont eat those and if you dip into the 'communal' snacks then only take a little again food budget. People who work get first priority when it comes to bathing and if your not working/sweaty you only bathe every other day as water is extremely expensive and daily showers for everyone would simply be too costly. Clean up after yourself. If you let the dog out to pee be sure to let her back in. That's it. He assured me he understood the rules and I trusted him.
I should not have trusted him. It started slowly at first but he started to flake on the rules, first it was taking daily showers even though he wasn't working/had no job and was just laying around all day binge watching Makeup Tutorials on youtube, he also started dipping into the communal snacks more and more often often polishing off huge family sized bars of chocolate in a day or two. Then he was taking 2 or 3 showers a day, and wasting massive amounts of food by cooking huge portions all to himself then tossing it when he couldn't eat anymore. He was also using massive amounts of electricity as he'd run his computer, my TV upstairs and then for some reason the TV downstairs. He'd complain constantly about how bored he was and how he wanted my parents to drive him 45minutes away to the nearest city so he could go shopping, how someday he would be a famous model with a rich husband and he'd never need to deal with 'living like this again'. He also started to go after me, telling me I was lazy for not waking up when he did (5am), going after me for not taking care of my skin and my hair and not putting enough effort into my appearance. His comments were always worded as 'jokes' or 'sarcasm' so if I got offended or tried to remind him I was working with my dad in construction he'd grown and tell me I was over-dramatic and a over-sensitive.
I know I should have probably put my foot down here but at the time I was convinced he was dealing with depression over his parents so I kept my mouth shut and just tried to softly remind him of the rules on showers and food he'd always apologize tell me he 'wasn't use to living with us yet' and be good for a few days before going right back to his old ways. Then it got worse. My uncle whos daughter id often watch hired my dad to fix up several houses for my grandpa to rent out, my dad knowing the work would be a lot assigned me to fix up one of the houses for him, it was close enough that I could easily walk there for work and I'd get paid by the hour so long as the work got done. I was super proud to be given the job and agreed right away, well Dan overheard and threw a fit insisting my dad hire him as well because he needed the money and leaving all the work to me was wrong, I figured time outside the house working and not just laying around taking 3 showers and watching makeup tutorial would be good for Dan so I said I was fine with it.
Dan did not do any work at all. For the 2 months we worked on that house together I'd wake up make us lunch we'd walk or be driven to the site and then we'd get to work. And by this I mean I deep cleaned the house, painted, replaced light switches and lamps all by myself while Dan either sat on his phone, messed with the radio so we had 'proper' work music, followed me around gossiping about the latest internet drama, ate lunch early, then complained that he was tired and would head home hours ahead of me. Somedays he'd spend an hour at the work site before leaving all the while he continued his habits at home of wasting mass quantities of food, showering multiple times a day despite not doing anything. I also caught him telling lies about how many hours he'd worked that I'd then need to correct, and complaining when he wasnt being paid instantly to the point of ranting and raving that my family must be homophobic to deny him his paycheck even when I explained that my grandfather was in the hospital and we hadn't even finished the work of the house yet he'd throw a tantrum until I'd secretly go to my mom tell her to give Dan his salary AND mine so hed get everything he was owed right away and I'd wait and get my money later.
All of this meant I obviously started backsliding into old habits around this time, because he was wasting so much food and ruining our food budget I stopped eating returning to my eating disorder days or pretending I was always full. I stopped bathing opting to only have 1 shower a week so that the water bill would be manageable. The small bit of confidence Id gained was all by withering and it was made worse by Dan's constant harassment telling me I smelled gross, that I was fat and lazy and that it was no wonder no one wanted to date me. My mother noticed and began trying to separate me from Dan so that she could take me on little girls days out and she could make sure I at least got a good meal, but Dan started to notice and began sabotaging our days out by inviting himself and if we tried to get him to back off he'd pull out the waterworks and talk about how depressed he was and how much he missed having a 'mother who loved him'. My mother was distraught and torn and kept trying to find ways to make sure I was being taken care of without offending Dan. One way she did this was to buy me baking ingredients as she knew it was a beloved hobby of mine Dan ruined that too, if he found out I was making something he liked he'd wait for it to be done then eat it all while my back was turned. If I was making something he didn't like he'd offer to help then purposefully ruin the recipe by adding in extra things and if I managed to fix it and make something tasty anyway? Then he'd sulk and wine and go after me with more 'sarcasm' and 'jokes' about my weight.
This is getting long but there was more he did that I'll list off quickly: He'd harass my dog never letting her sleep and throwing her out of my room, dragging her when we went for walks and complaining about her stealing and destroying his socks and underwear (she'd never done it before and has never done it since she just really hated Dan and took it out on the clothes he left laying about). He brought home a cat one day and said it was his then proceeded not to take care of it in anyway. He went after my father and my uncle calling them gross redneck homophobes, told my uncle his wife should have left him and his daughter earlier. He ruined any attempt I made to have sleepovers with my little cousin something I'd done almost weekly before he came. He tried to destroy all my friendships with other people. He'd play music/youtube/netflix all night every night so the only way I could sleep was if I had headphones in but If I tried to video chat with my long distance best friend hed throw a fit about me keeping him up at night. And of course he never shut up about how one day hed be a rich model with a hot rich husband living in LA.
Eventually though everything came to a very sudden end when one morning I woke up and Dan was gone. Most of his stuff was still there, but he wasn't. A week passed and he still hadn't returned and I quietly rejoiced and took a gloriously luxurious bath, ate a proper meal and started taking care of myself again. I learned via text message that he was with his parents but that it was okay they were getting him a fancy car and that hed keep me updated. My mother seemed to know more but I honestly didnt care I was just so relieved. I found out everything a month later when my family had a dinner party for my uncles birthday. My mother quietly pulled me aside to talk with her and my adopted auntie (moms friend), together they broke the news to me that Dan had lied. You see my mom had run into Dan's mother at the store, the woman had cornered my mother and tearfully asked how we could "steal her son from her like that" and my mother had gotten defense and asked her: "how she could threaten to throw out her son or send him to a conversion camp for being gay like that". Dan's mother was shocked and appalled and told my mother that they'd known Dan was gay for YEARS and that it wasn't an issue, she then went on to say that before Dan had left to live with us he'd gotten into a huge fight with them claiming that they were unfairly spoiling his autistic little brat of a brother and how he deserved more. His parents had been upset with him for calling his brother a brat and had left to take Dan's brother to the amusement park. When they got home he was gone and had messaged them to say hed come home when he felt like it. Dan's mother begged my mom to tell Dan that they were looking into buying him the car he wanted and that they missed him and loved him and wanted him to come home soon. My mother was justifiably furious but tried to keep a level head in case these were more lies. So she got my adopted auntie to be her witness waited till I wasnt around and told Dan what his mother had said about the car and loving him. Needless to say Dan cheered about getting his way, being able to move out of 'this dump' and when my mom casually inquired about if he'd come back to visit me he told her I wasn't his responsibility and that I needed to stop being fat and lazy if I wanted to make anything out of himself like HE was going to. The morning after that his parents picked him up before I woke up and my mom told him he wasn't welcome back unless it was to pick up his crap.
I wasn't even shocked when my mother and auntie told me this I just sort of sagged in relief that he wasn't moving back. My mother apologized with tears in her eyes for not doing anything sooner and for letting me get abused right under her nose again and that I was an amazing daughter who starved and refused to bathe just so the bills could be paid and I deserved better. A week later while my mother was at work Dan appeared to collect his things. He tried gossiping with me about how his mother had not only gotten him the car he wanted but that she had arranged for him to do some modelling work and how this was his dream job and the beginning of his perfect life. I coldly told him congrats and made sure he collected every last thing then wished him a nice life. Before I could even block him on social media I found out he blocked ME. I sorta figured that was that then and I continued about my life.
I ended up dating my long distance best friend that Dan had tried to ruin my relationship with, they came for christmas and it was wonderful my grandpa died shortly after, and that brought my gay uncle who we'd cut off back into our lives. He'd been sober several years now and didnt want to miss out on any more time with family. I was delighted to have him back in my life and things were going well. Little did I know my mother had not forgiven Dan and had been looking for a way to enact some karmic justice. And as it turns out my gay uncle was just the person she needed to complete her plan. You see, my gay uncle was the first gay man married in our region and hes a well known and respected elder of the LGBT community in our area. After getting back into communications with us he admitted to stalking our social medias for awhile as he struggled to decide when would be okay to reach out, as such he had seen that we'd let Dan move in with us and he'd seen WHY (Dan had posted about it all over his twitter) my gay uncle was delighted wed opened our home like that and told my mom what a wonderful person she was my mom saw opportunity when the conversation was brought up and told my gay uncle EVERYTHING well my uncle agreed that Dan deserved some karma and what do you know my gay uncle is a hairdresser, and one of the people whos hair he does happens to be the same woman who gave Dan his modelling opportunity.
Well hilariously enough my gay uncle didn't even need to sabotage Dan he had done it to himself. There my uncle was ready to trim this womans hair and tell her about how awful Dan was when she broke down and started telling HIM how awful Dan was. Apparently he'd spent the entire shoot insulting the other models demanding more photos be taken or himself he hadn't listened to directions, wined about the whole thing taking too long and being hungry insulted her and how she took photos and generally just been entitled and awful. My uncle laughed and said if she thought that was bad she didnt know the half of it. He then proceeded to tell her about what Dan had done to me and my family. And from there the news spread to the entire LGBT community of our area that Dan was an entitled rude brat who was willing to lie about his parents supposedly being homophobic in order to get whatever he wanted. Needless to say Dan did not get called back to do any more modelling gigs, no one else in the field of modeling was willing to offer him a job as they all had ties to the LGBT community and had heard the rumors, he applied to several salons, makeup places, and clothing places and was rejected. I learned about all of this months later when my mom and gay uncle admitted there little pro-revenge stunt to me.
Oh but you see thats not even where the karma train ends. You see the thing that got me thinking about Dan again after all these years is that recently an old friend got back into contact with me and let me know more. After Dan's bridges were burned with the LGBT community he started trying to model via instagram, but when he didnt gain instant success he started posting lewder and lewder things trying to draw in a rich sugar daddy to take care of him. Well someone in our old conservative town saw this and like all news in small towns it spread and Dan's parents ended up learning that there son was posting NSFW pics of himself all over the internet with hashtags like #inneedofadaddy his family got completely ostracized by the entire town and Dan was forced to private everything or get financially cut off, on top of this he had moved in with an old friend of mine and had similarly been abusing her friendship, she gotten sick of being his maid and punching bag and dropped him leaving him all alone with no one willing to help him rent a place. And then my mom ran into him at his new workplace. Costco bagging up purchases, my mother tried to be polite and only said 'hello' only for him to snap at her and do a terrible job with her groceries, all this within the eyesight of the manager who happens to know my mom, she hasn't seen him working there since.
Sorry I know this is long but I hope you enjoyed it. It was honestly nice just getting to write this and get it off my mind.
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2021.10.18 17:06 BABA_yaaGa PSG.LGD TI8 vs TI10

After seeing miserable failure of "wings 2.0" i.e. PSG.LGD in TI10 without even trying to put up a fight in the last game and btw there was no audience as well in TI10, massive respect for the TI8 PSG.LGD squad who gave it their all. They lost as well but they literally fought till their last breath and that too under more pressure in front of a crowd. Hopefully fy and somnus can find success again. QQQ was much better drafter than xiao8
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2021.10.18 17:06 Ryle_Line This show inspired me to go to my first ever Aquarium! Highly recommend the Georgia Aquarium, not a Gama Gama, but a spectacle like Tingaara for sure.

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2021.10.18 17:05 Ceebums Y'all need to loosen up.

The amount of comments I've seen on here that are just passive aggressive or rude to people suggesting certain theories or different ideas is baffling. None of us have any clue what's going on, and y'all are being toxic for no reason. Stop being assholes, please, I just want to enjoy speculation on these silly flying machines in our skies.
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