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Always On Time sparrow is bugged?

2021.12.08 13:27 JMMarkz83 Always On Time sparrow is bugged?

This sparrow was a reward for a challenge in the Scourge of the Past raid back in season 5. But it seems to be bugged because its intrinsec mod Stealth Running which says "Enemies are less aggressive toward you while you are riding this sparrow"doesn't works in the Grasp of Avarice Dungeon, i feel that enemies attack you like you were riding any other sparrow. Thoughs?
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2021.12.08 13:27 CandidCaterpillar7 Help with what I should upgrade?

I can choose between a level 14 inferno tower, knight or skelle barrel. Any good new interactions for them to make it more worth than the other to be 14?
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2021.12.08 13:27 elchinicuil El factor menos valorado en la revolución

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2021.12.08 13:27 frikler /KOKODI/ Ethereum NFT project.

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2021.12.08 13:27 mstrlaw Russia ratchets up internet control by blocking privacy service Tor

Russia ratchets up internet control by blocking privacy service Tor submitted by mstrlaw to BigTech [link] [comments]

2021.12.08 13:27 LoveTheYankees Plex hangs generating video preview thumbnails

I recently got a new PC running Windows 11 and am moving my Plex sever from an old Windows 7 system. I decided to restructure my libraries so I am rebuilding everything.
At first I just created a library and added a folder that contains hundreds of video files. When I told Plex to rescan the library, so it could generate the video preview thumbnails, it brought Windows 11 to its knees. The system CPU was pinned at 100% and totally unresponsive. The only solution was to power off/on. I couldn’t even start Task Manager to see what was eating the CPU.
After going through that exercise twice with the same result, I started adding the video files in batches. That seems to work -- at least Windows 11 doesn’t hang, but a different problem emerged.
The library is “Other Videos” and all the files are roughly 1Gb. I move a batch into the library folder and re-scan the library. Initially Plex processes through them at rate of more than one file per minute. But as the day goes on, it takes longer and longer.
Eventually Plex gets hung scanning the library. The Activity button has the spinning circle and it says it’s generating video preview thumbnails for a particular file. But it never ends. I can still watch videos from other libraries (TV & Movies) but when I access the Other Videos library it just spins and eventually says “an error has occurred” or the library has no content.
The only solution I have found is to reboot Windows. Once it comes back up and Plex is restarted, everything is fine and I can resume adding these files to the library. But after several hours the problem comes back.
Is there a way to completely shutdown and restart Plex, without rebooting Windows?
(BTW I am running the latest version of Plex -, and Windows 11 is up to date)?
The PC has plenty of power - AMD Ryzen 7 5700G with Radeon Graphics, 3.80 GHz, 16Gb RAM
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2021.12.08 13:27 SirSpyke Log splitting machine

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2021.12.08 13:27 blackwolfco Man…

It’s too early for this shit already. Been awake 2 hours holding back tears and trying to find something funny. Damn…
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2021.12.08 13:27 cookingandcraft Marvelous.

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2021.12.08 13:27 MathWitty2864 Two versions in one photo

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2021.12.08 13:27 Hefty-Leg4131 📣 Launching TODAY, DEC 8th at 8PM EST on BSC.🔥ROBINHOOD⚜️Join the Quest for Robinhood to list Shib. 💰Huge 8% Shib rewards for holding. 🏹Golden Arrow NFT to 1st 1000 to qualify. ⚖️Doxxed dev.⚔️'Earn or Burn" Gaming in developement⚔️

🤷‍♂️“Think you missed Shib?” Think again. 🏹Robinhood has you covered.

🤷‍♀️“Want to grow your Shib bag?” 🏹Robinhood has you covered.

🤷“Want to be early on the next big coin?” 🏹Robinhood has you covered.

📣Join the quest with Robinhood and his merry men to take BSC by storm and bring even more people into the ShibArmy to get Shiba listed.

🏹Robinhood has Huge 8% rewards given in Shiba!

🏹8% tax for Shib Rewards is collected for a week or thereabouts! That’s right! A week!

🏹The Shib Rewards Wallet builds up for huge Shiba buy and for huge rewards to Robinhood Holders!

🏹To qualify for rewards, you must be holding when Robinbood buys the Shib!

🏹The exact times will not be announced!

🏹Hold for a week, or be holding for one minute, just be holding Robinhood at the time of the Shib buy. The block time of the Shib buy will mark the cutoff time for rewards.

🏹Reward amounts based on the percentage of Robinhood held at the buy time.

⚜️Golden Arrow NFT to the first 1000 who hold for 69 hrs, 4 min, 20 sec after launch with no sells. A secret to which will be revealed at a later date.

First of its kind, “Earn or Burn” game in development

⚖️Doxxed Dev

🚫 Un-Ruggable(LP Locked)

🚀Launch Dec 8th 8PM EST


📍1 Quadrillion Total 🔥420 Trillion burned at 1000 holders

🚀13% Total Tax:

🚀8% Shiba Rewards

🚀3% Marketing

🚀2% Golden Arrow



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2021.12.08 13:27 westgallagher Avax to Matic Bridge

Hi, looking to move some stables from Avalanche to Polygon, any idea if there's a bridge?
Usually use Binance but their Matic withdrawals are still suspended
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2021.12.08 13:27 Crossbow1301Playz Lose - KSI x Lil Wayne (Anime Edit)

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2021.12.08 13:27 coinmonks KlimaDAO offers 50000% APY: Is KlimaDAO a Scam?

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2021.12.08 13:27 BobbyEn9 MPs release statements on Downing Street Christmas party

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2021.12.08 13:27 DeveloperDifficulty Red

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2021.12.08 13:27 DiligentJob8264 ELI5: Why do countries depend on Taiwan for processing chips instead of just making them themselves?

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2021.12.08 13:27 AmberSueLin Lost Cause

Lost Cause
sissy, femdom, transition, abuse, cuckold, chastity, wyfe, period, couple
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2021.12.08 13:27 SeaSurprise777 Some of the images from just one Olympia camp. Trash, tents, stolen bikes, discard caravan carts as far as the eye can see.

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2021.12.08 13:27 SalvadorScott32 Praise the Sunset Wave

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2021.12.08 13:27 Stunning_Alfalfa_327 Jamal Browner's - 12 Week Intermediate Vol. 2 or 3.

I live in Argentina, dollar Is to too expensive here, i would be really glad if someone could share vol 2 or 3. I have vol. 1, all Jeff nippard books and the 3 Volumes of russwhole. If u want one ask me.
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2021.12.08 13:27 Pikachuckxd Any ideas to make a 12 days of Christmas song? this is part of what I have made so far with u/darice, join us to complete the 12 days, any input to complete the missing days will be appreciated

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2021.12.08 13:27 cue92 Crypto interest

Hello, I am new to crypto altogether. My question to you guys, what platforms yield high interest for holding crypto? I'm looking to do something similar to dividends and DRIP method.
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2021.12.08 13:27 Neither_Field Red Velvet Jeans SOLVED! ManWomanChild - "Louis XIV" (2010)
Nope, it's not "Red Velvet Jeans" by Galactic Roads, that was a complete hoax.
Solved by @Paperhouse on our Discord
The song itself is actually royalty free, as it was found in the Free Music Archive, which explains its usage in the post.
David Child is on vocals and fortunately the band is still active, releasing a single back in May
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2021.12.08 13:27 Pockieee [US-CA] [H] Itachi w/ Crows 1022, Tsuyu NYCC 374, Diamond Eevee NYCC 626, Diamond Pikachu 842, NYCC, Inosuke Flocked, Orange Raven, Stingray, Minato Namikaze AAA 935, Kakashi AAA 994, Arbiter 10, Larry Bird [W] PayPal

shipping varies upon location $6 per pop. Will discount ship price if buy more than 1.
Will add more pics upon request.
What's on sale.
Itachi w/ Crows 1022 BoxLunch Exclusive $40
Tsuyu NYCC 374 $30
Diamond Eevee NYCC 626 $30
Diamond Pikachu 842 (1 available) $35
IF you buy both Diamond Pokemon its $60+ shipping
Inosuke Flocked Chalice (4 available) $25
Orange Raven Toys R Us $13
Stingray HT $13
Minato (2 available) $15
Kakashi (Anbu) $15
Arbiter (Comes in pop protector) $50
Larry Bird Fanatics Exclusive Damaged $12 shipped.
Open to offers and combining shipping. Thanks for looking!
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