Is it a good idea to try platinum in bbcf

2021.12.08 13:06 Low_Trouble_5924 Is it a good idea to try platinum in bbcf

I want to play her because i've always wanted to play an item character like faust but i always decided to not play because they're usually considered hard characters Do you think i could get used to playing platinum and if you do then are there any good guides for beginners platinum players ( or just guides in general)
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2021.12.08 13:06 twd_2003 Highest food prices recorded in November since 2019: Advocata - Breaking News

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2021.12.08 13:06 Harryfenwick Not very clear but is this a twite? Lincolnshire, England

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2021.12.08 13:06 Mystiguy_13 Is the micro enter in Detroit any good? It’s closest to me.

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2021.12.08 13:06 kicksjoysharkness Dele on Instagram: “Putting @tomleese_ & @ahugegorilla to the test 😂⚽️” — Dele lad, your timing is abysmal here

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2021.12.08 13:06 WilsonTeresa223 [HIRING] 25 Jobs in WV Hiring Now!

Company Name Title City
Cardinal Logistics CDL A Truck Driver Fairmont
Visiting Angels Hygeia Dayshift Caregiver Mcmechen
Kamana Travel RN - Stepdown/PCU - Up to $2884/week Baxter
West Virginia Division of Natural Resources Tourism Program Specialist 2 Ansted
Brake Supply Purchasing Agent, Beaver WV Beaver
J&S Pawn and Gun Manager Trainee Berkeley Springs
A.F. Wendling's Foodservice Logistics Coordinator Buckhannon
Hollywood Casino at Charles Town Races Food and Beverage Supervisor Charles Town
TranscribeMe Transcriptionist -- remote Coe
Necco Administrative Specialist Cross Lanes
U.S. Customs and Border Protection Border Patrol Agent GL-9 Cross Lanes
Delaware North Line Cook, Mardi Gras Casino Cross Lanes
Rodeway Inn Crosslanes West Virginia Housekeeping Cross Lanes
Service Wire Company Customer Service Representative Culloden
Mettiki Coal, LLC Wv Black Hat Miners Davis
U.S. Customs and Border Protection Border Patrol Agent GL-9 Dunbar
Central Transport CDL A Truck Driver Home Daily Dunbar
Coplin Health Systems Covid Screener Elizabeth
Citizens Bank of West Virginia Bank Teller Elkins
Asplundh Tree Expert, LLC - 442 Groundperson-Apprentice Trimmer Union Elkview
Appalachian Office Products Copier Service Technician Fayetteville
Little Life Preschool Child Care Worker Hurricane
West Virginia State University Director of Facilities Institute
West Virginia State University Special Assistant to the President Institute
Augmentation Inc Administrative Assistant Inwood
Hey guys, here are some recent job openings in wv. Feel free to comment here or send me a private message if you have any questions, I'm at the community's disposal! If you encounter any problems with any of these job openings please let me know that I will modify the table accordingly. Thanks!
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2021.12.08 13:06 -carcinization- Finally got the warhammer of sealed souls after quite a few times of killing sir sangria

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2021.12.08 13:06 paralel_lahmacun Karga yapasım geldi be...

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2021.12.08 13:06 grocho [Schaefer] Matt Thomas has entered health and safety protocols, according to Bulls’ latest injury report update. He’s out vs. Cavs

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2021.12.08 13:06 yayitsducky Temp Job: tap water tastes like sunscreen, near an oil/gas site

We can see the flames from the natural gas burnoff from my window & the water tastes like suncreen. What are good filters to use that won't break the bank? Preferably something portable so I can use it as I travel around. (i work seasonal jobs, so I don't make a ton of money)
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2021.12.08 13:06 amnesiac7 Lauren Boebert's Gun-Filled Family Christmas Photo Backlash

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2021.12.08 13:06 Ro_dog805 does anybody know what cpu the Epson Expression Home XP-4100 has?

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2021.12.08 13:06 xDogMeatx Bloodborne

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2021.12.08 13:06 martin-septims-mom [FT] Sprinkle [LF] wood

I need to make more corral fencing, I think one stack of regular wood is fair. If you come over, you’ll need a ladder to get to her house.
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2021.12.08 13:06 Frindwamp Today I updated my tax payer info on the Etsy site

And nothing bad happened. My first attempt failed but it let me try again. Once the info was verified by the IRS, the form submitted without errors.
Got an email with additional info about 1099k.
The threshold for a paper 1099 this year is$20,000 and over 200 sales. I don’t meet this threshold.
I’m retired and made little if any profit, this is just a hobby of mine. Do I need to file a business tax form?
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2021.12.08 13:06 Vargau O vrăjitoare veritabilă

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2021.12.08 13:06 Ulluboz Free Exam Prep Materials!

Hello everyone,
while you are studying for finals next week, I would highly recommend the Hale Hall Test Bank, a free resource provided by the university where you can get copies of old class materials, including tests, that have been donated by students like you! It can be hit or miss on whether you can find a big test/exam in there, but some classes have a significant amount of materials.
Just go to this link:
You can download the forms there to either request materials or donate your own.
(Please be sure to pass it on and donate your own class materials at the end, especially for classes that are not represented yet in the test bank!)
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2021.12.08 13:06 KinnerNevada PIC

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2021.12.08 13:06 Tumultuous-Tarsier Selective dysphoria in cis people?

CW: anatomy, pregnancy
Are specific/selective areas of dysphoria common in cis people? I.e. is it a normal part of human experience to have issues with some gendered aspects of one's life or body, even though they are not harmful (not experiencing discrimination)?
My (presumably) cis male partner confuses me a little. We have a child, and during the pregnancy and after, he expressed major envy (cried about it even) about not being able to carry our baby or (in particular) nurse him. Being ftm, I'd gladly have swapped places with him, so that dynamic was a bit odd. He's definitely taken on a more motherly role while I do more "dad stuff". On the whole, he's far more feminine in his way of thinking, but undeniably masculine in his presentation and has never expressed any non-identification with his gender.
He is afaik fine with his body, but not exactly thrilled by it. E.g. when I got a packer, he commented semi-jokingly, "now you can experience how annoying it is to have something dangling between your legs".
To clarify, I do not suspect at all that he is trans or anything. Seeing the lists of dysphoria-related things people jot up while questioning, I merely wonder what to make of the obvious overlap. I always considered him the reverse of me, but ever since coming to terms with being trans, the question remains, where is the threshold for actually being trans and not just "very meh" about one's lot in life.
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2021.12.08 13:06 MadFishSolutions Let’s talk about Tezos token standards.

Let’s talk about Tezos token standards. Anastasiia (, MadFish Solutions lead blockchain dev and the creator of Tezos token bakery, analyzes the existing token standards and muses on what the next token standard could be like.
About time we started having such conversations as a community, we regard this article as an open invitation to a discussion. So subscribe, follow, offer your thoughts.
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2021.12.08 13:06 Sea_Snow1078 Use the code "MythicAustria" when you deposit and get 3 FREE BOXES and 5% BONUS on your deposit!🔥💯

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2021.12.08 13:06 DontGtMadGetGladAH Came for a free halo, and got a free Hoopa too 🥰

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2021.12.08 13:06 MpowerD247 At least half of people on reddit are below average intelligence, and deserve be ignored.

Especially on unpopularopinion...seems like the quality of the discourse has degraded on reddit, over the years. You see all kinds of low-effort, low-IQ comments going on, and it's treated as if it's perfectly normal. This is the subreddit I come to, when I want to add a few dozen names to my block list, which I do, daily.
Go ahead: Downvote this comment, report it to the mods, and have my account suspended...
I don't care: YOU wasted your time reading this, and responding to it...if it upsets you, that's on YOU.
This is an Unpopular Opinion.
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2021.12.08 13:06 Wasthereonce 2022 LEGO DC Character Encyclopedia exclusive minifigure revealed!

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2021.12.08 13:06 baffer33 Which BF1 to buy

Looking to purchase BF1 for PC. What’s the best version to buy to experience the greatness of its multiplayer options. Thanks for the help!
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