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What's the 4th of july like?

2021.12.08 12:57 idgaf0104 What's the 4th of july like?

I'll be on allure of the seas for the 4th. It's a sea day. Do they do a fireworks show off the ship? How bads the heat in Western Caribbean? What's the worst sunburn you've seen on a cruise.
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2021.12.08 12:57 bobcat The S&P 500 is muted after its best two-day stretch in a year.

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2021.12.08 12:57 blmobley91 Watch: Three Adjustments Pittsburgh Made To Slow Down Baltimore's Run Game - Steelers Depot

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2021.12.08 12:57 Gooch_Sack Agreeing that both options are terrible

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2021.12.08 12:57 privaterTimon First try in over a year

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2021.12.08 12:57 alie_nated "I'm scienceing as fast as I can." - Professor Hubert Farsnworth

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2021.12.08 12:57 Colourblindness Christmas Ghosts- 3rd Incident

Dear Friends,
I hope that the term I used doesn’t cause you any concern. Some would likely not want a pagan medium as a friend and if so, I don’t wish any harm on them. It’s just that at this point I feel like I have grown close to my audience to the point that I worry for their safety.
What’s happened to me over the holidays has left my faith in humanity shaken, discovering the wicked deeds that self proclaimed men of cloth performed with the backing of their devout followers.
It’s made me question if I can ever truly have a home for the holidays again, especially as I draw close to the truth about the horrible secrets this town hides.
Every new story tells of a darkness that has boiled up from hell itself, I feel. And nothing could prove this more than what the Deacon told me about the gifts he had seen young Lydia carried. As I listened, I understood some part of his own journey.
Whether I consider his behavior to be righteous or not, I am not one to judge others. I must make that clear.
I feel that the actions can easily allow justice to fall where it is suited.
The Third Incident
Holy Shadows
“It’s time you heard of what happened to Father Drewsiah,” the Deacon said as his altar boys hastily locked the doors and windows of the church. They had carried Lydia toward a small pew in the front where the choir often performed and Haversen was putting out the candles, making the room pitch dark. The howling in the woods continued. It made my entire body shake.
“The girl began to display her gift on that first day coming into the church, has she told you this?”
“She told me how you forced her into baptism,” I commented softly.
“And rightfully so, given what happened next. As we discovered her body was filled with spirits. Demonic presence that was trying to use her as a vessel for this world,” Haversen said.
“That same demon now walks in these woods, it has been attacking the people in our small town and trying to drag them to hell.”
“Father Drew found out about it a few nights before your arrival. We were having a mass here, helping people in the town to gain healing from Lydia when he returned from his mission. He came into the church foyer covered in blood and spouting nonsense.”
“Immediately I ordered two of the altar boys to help him stand upright and get him to the stage. The entire congregation needed to hear of what had happened. His eyes were wild and his body hardly able to maintain his own weight as I gave him some water and allowed him to eat sacrament.”
“He had nearly calmed down, but then he saw Lydia there in the front pews. She had fallen into a coma. Often this happens whenever she exhausts her gifts a bit too much and I have advised the church that this is a sign from God that he is resting his hands the same way that he does upon the Sabbath.”
“But when Father Drew saw her, he screamed. He tried to curse her to be honest. It was a striking proclamation coming from this holy man. But then he calmed down again and explained what was wrong.”
“He told us that he could sense that the girl had recently gone into the land of spirits. How, I can’t tell you but Father Drew has never been wrong about this before.”
“As proof of this he told us of the shadows that lurked in the woods, claimed they came from the girl herself. When she sleeps, the shadows move around and devour holiness. He even called them agents of the devil. The wounds he sustained were from these monsters. And he warned if we didn’t act quickly, the entire town would be in danger.”
“Seeing as so many of us had just seen our first miracle, we were having a test of faith and some even recommended stoning Lydia. It was my decision to lock her away. Her gift is too powerful to simply be tossed aside because of the darkness that rests in her.”
I mulled over what he told me, watching as the strange shadows moved on the exterior of the church. “They don’t come on holy land, Sabrina is safe here. And so is everyone else.”
“But the town? Are they all informed?” I asked.
He bit his bottom lip. “It’s sometimes better to keep a predator fed,” he whispered. “Even the devil has a role to play.”
I hid my disgust, instead opting to find out more about this creature if I could.
“I take Father Drew died of his injuries?”
The Deacon however, no longer seemed interested in sharing the stories to me. Instead some that took the church as shelter were asking how they could protect themselves from the beast at the door and Haversen suddenly changed from friendly to dangerous.
“The reason I tell you all of this is because I want to prove to my congregation that you are a child of god. If it’s true, the beast will not harm you. And you will be able to walk through our streets untouched. However, we are risking everything by allowing you to keep living if you are in fact a spawn of Satan.”
Suddenly several grown men were pushing me to the door. The howling was becoming more intense. And I was being shoved into the open air. Deacon Haversen shouted out, “Believe in the Lord and his powers will save you from the jaws of death! Let this test of faith prove your validity as a Saint and not a witch!”
I could feel the air around me begin to grow colder as I pushed back toward the door but the men had already kicked me out. They were determined to follow this dark ritual to its bitter end even if it meant my life was in danger.
It occurred to me that Father Drew was likely fed to the beast for a similar reason. The church were certain keeping Lydia alive was more vital than stopping this hellbeast.
And my death would only encourage them to keep their sick fantasy of being blessed perpetrated even further.
I moved toward the outer gardens, listening and watching to see what the shadows would do. Every whisper in the air made my hair stand on edge. And I closed my eyes to focus. Use my gifts that they thought were from the devil and find this beast.
It didn’t take long.
As the unseen became a reality to me, I realized that the creature stood at the edge of the church grounds.
It was surprisingly small compared to the images I had conjured up. A living shadow that did not enter holy ground? I approached it slowly, trying to get a better grasp on what it was and where it had come from.
It was like looking at a dark reflection of Lydia and the aura around the being told me that this alter self was embodying her desires, her anger and her fears.
I offered my hand to it, hoping that it would understand I meant no harm. In response it showed me the reality of what had happened to Father Drew.
Smoke filled my mind and pictures formed around me as time seemed to reverse itself. Flashing images of the deacon and his faithful came up as they dragged Father Drew out of his own church. I heard screams.
It was Lydia. She wanted to protect him. Instead, the church was insisting that he be done away with.
“He wants to end our miracles. But we have come too far to stop now. We are blessed to have this day. This season of mirth. And no one shall stop us!” Deacon Haversen proclaimed.
They broke his skull right at the edge of the church grounds. Hoping that the shadow beast would eat up what remained.
Father Drew had suggested they exorcise the demons from Lydia, save her immortal soul. In response to the thought of losing their precious little slave, the church turned on him. Hoping the devil would see fit to tear him apart.
“What happened next? Show me,” I demanded to the shadow.
In response it ran into town, whisking it’s way between buildings. I chased after it. I didn’t even dare to imagine if Haversen or his worshippers were following.
It was leading me to a large banquet hall that appeared abandoned, inside I saw a massive Christmas tree decked out with all sorts of ornaments but it was immediately clear it hadn’t been used in quite some time.
The shadow crept across the floor to the stairs, guiding me downward. As I approached the steps I felt my stomach lurch.
Since my arrival I have searched for an answer to what is causing this here in this tranquil town.
I knew as I was descending to the basement of this once festive building I was about to come face to face with the answer. There was a presence there.
And for once I realized Deacon Haversen was correct, I felt no aura, no sense of spiritual world.
Just a dark endless void. And it was beckoning me to come down and see it’s glory.
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2021.12.08 12:57 Bonus1Fact [News Shorts] COVID-19: WHO provides update on Omicron variant | LIVE ¦ Global News on Youtube

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2021.12.08 12:57 V-id Ring Fit Adventure [€57.41]

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2021.12.08 12:57 Dark_Prince28 Jacqueline Fernandes

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2021.12.08 12:57 ThankTheGang It will get better and it does, even while its hurting..

You are human it is normal to feel the pain of losing someone you lost , I used to beat myself up but I have filled my voids with freedom and self love .. it hurts to think about my ex , they are probably happy or too prideful to reach out to me and you know what? I am fine with either decision they make.. you will love fearlessly again , feel good about your choices again , be in love again , feel warmth again.. in the beginning you can’t see it but if you are actively working on yourself with this time YOU WILL FEEL GOOD AGAIN.
Please believe that , please have some hope , please just try.. don’t be foolish like me and pro long your process with negativity and telling yourself you will not find another , we are 1 of 1 so of course you will not find another like them but you will be able to love as deeply some day.. I don’t feel 100% but I feel fucking good about the work I have been doing , I miss her immensely but she is in the arms of another and I am now indifferent and hope to be happy for her.
The best part about this is if you figured out the lesson in your heart break you won’t repeat a lot of shit!! You will see clearly , love goggles won’t be suction cupped to the face , you will have non negotiables, you will know your attachment style and how to self soothe..
Your ex is no longer your priority that is the down call of free will , maybe they’ve blocked you out , monkey branched, cheated , try as hard as you can to actively let them go each and every day.. it is a process, be gentle with yourself, hold on a little longer , you will make it out the funk
Cry , curse , scream , yell , run , work out , create , feel it all.. YOU ARE HUMAN , YOU LOVED , ITS OKAY TO FEEL THESE THINGS
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2021.12.08 12:57 Spock24601 How fast do 2x2 off-campus apartments fill up?

I won’t have a solid answer as to whether I’ll be dorming or living in an off-campus appt until winter break. Is January ‘22 generally too late to apply for the fall?
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2021.12.08 12:57 MichaelFurburger Green Giant Commercial with Wilford Brimley and Kristen Wiig (Parody)

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2021.12.08 12:57 bobcat Caster Semenya Has Nothing to Prove

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2021.12.08 12:57 Gabrilo2803 Consejos para la primera vez

Mañana tendré mi primera vez con mi novia (ella tiene 19 y yo 20), ella ya ha tenido relaciones con otros hombres y me ha dicho que no le incomoda que yo sea virgen. De hecho me ha confesado que le encanta la idea de guiarme y hacerme sentir bien.
Yo acudo a ustedes estimados para que me puedan dar consejos, pues si bien ella será quien estará ayudandome con esto, yo tambien quiero complacerla y hacer ese momento algo especial para mi vida y que no sea una amarga experiencia. Gracias por leerme y que tengan un buen resto de día/tarde/noche.
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2021.12.08 12:57 Flash1e_ Rust animation (Made in AE)

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2021.12.08 12:57 PugDaddy86 [i ate] all these mochi donuts in one sitting…

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2021.12.08 12:57 Equal-Reply-5365 i catch pedophiles. but in order for them to think im a real 11 year old girl i have to use pics of under age girls. there not nude pics i also crop out the faces anyway whats your guys view on this.

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2021.12.08 12:57 LeIouchh Oil Change

Does anyone do they're own oil change? My local dealership didn't cut me any deals on free oil changes, not sure if it's worth paying for or if I should do some research and do it myself.
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2021.12.08 12:57 bobcat Meg Stalter Rejoices With Dolly Parton and a Loyal Chihuahua

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2021.12.08 12:57 Distraction_Focused I made something so nobody forgets it.

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2021.12.08 12:57 kreamfuxker Can a pressure fighter use the handsdown style?

Ur mum
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2021.12.08 12:57 BUDDHA_LAUGHING Shorts think they have until 12/14 to cover their WEJO positions... WEJO stands for "We Journey Together" - is it to the moon?

Here's my speculation/thesis: I think the call WEJO announced for 12/14 to discuss the direction of the company is going to announce it is partnering with Intel's Mobileye. After the announcement people were speculating they would announce a Tesla partnership. However, INTC just announced Monday after hours that they are taking Mobileye public and their stock jumped about 10%, AND at the exact same moment WEJO spiked 7%. There was some press recently about WEJO "assisting autonomous vehicles." I work in tech and connecting vehicles to MOVE TOGETHER is VERY MUCH a thing. So far WEJO hadn't really mentioned that was their goal (currently saying they track data points and sell that data via subscription) but from my very lucky vantage point, in my opinion IT HAS TO BE. This should be a very big announcement. This is pure speculation and not investment advice, please do your own research.
Now, to the shorts. This was a recent SPAC merger completed a couple of weeks ago that spiked to $14.70. I'm sure it was instantly highly shorted as most IPOs and SPACs are. It is trading right now at $6.70. Now, here's the thing. I can't find a current short interest % anywhere (only one for 10/29). Someone on stocktwits posted it is 140% but they didn't say where they got the info. All I know is that there are no shares available to short and the CTB yesterday was 34%. I welcome anyone who has the resources to find this info and post it. The stock is rallying 16% currently as I think shorts are trying to slowly cover until the 14th. Here's the thing, there are a lot of retail bag holders who will not sell below the top of $14.70. I think it should only go up from here until the 14th in my opinion. How much I guess depends on how many apes are paying attention. Full disclosure, this company is bleeding money very, very badly but on the upside they have some good patents and are leading in a very specialized space that will only have one winner, are already launched in GM vehicles, have a deal with Microsoft Maps and are partnered with Palantir. Is Mobileye next? I had bought WEJO last week and sold for a profit, I just bought back in $10K at $6.69. Will put in more on volume. Thoughts?
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2021.12.08 12:57 bobcat ‘West Side Story’ Review: In Love and War, 1957 Might Be Tonight

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2021.12.08 12:57 Viewfromthe31stfloor Covid-19 live updates: U.S. hospitalizations rise, driven by surges in four states

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