Where can I find japanese essays (N3/N2 level) to practice reading?

2021.12.08 12:47 tokyotos Where can I find japanese essays (N3/N2 level) to practice reading?

I'd like to practice 読解 with essays that aren't part of textbooks (like 新完全マスター because I've already used it).
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2021.12.08 12:47 ooru These ads are placed very unfortunately.

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2021.12.08 12:47 StarvingArtist2000 OC I did for a client

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2021.12.08 12:47 NM_XDD Nintendont breaks when i use my ds3 in the main menu and it doesnt work in games

Like a year ago i used to play backups with nintendont with no issues, i deleted it like 8 months ago and im just now reinstalling it, i reinstalled the latest version, i launched it then i go into the main menu, i plug in my ds3 controller with a usb cable and i cant navigate through the SD or USB menu, so i use my wii remote to hover over usb and click it, but the arrow keeps going up, so then i restarted my wii, launched nintendont without my controller plugged in then i was able to navigate through the menu perfectly. i launched one of my backups and i plugged in the controller and none of the buttons were responsive. i tried installing controller.zip but it was stuck at initializing network
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2021.12.08 12:47 EnoughInternet0 How to display lower and upper bounds from a list in python?

what ive done so far is below:
tuples_list = [[98, 192039, "Jones", "David"],
[ 76, 200001, "Strasbourg", "Mark"],
[50, 180221, "Gilbert", "Anna"],
[77, 185621, "Anderson", "John"],
[70, 210002, "Hilbert", "Adam"],
[89, 210000, "Williams", "Sebastian"],]
lower_bound = input("enter lower bound")
upper_bound = input("enter upper bound")
[i for i in tuples_list if lower <= i <= upper]
im trying to prompt a user for a lower and upper bound of the GPA percentages which is in bold and italics, search the list and print out the output afterwards which shows each student details alongside but i start to go wrong in the last line and it shows this error: ([i for i in tuples_list if lower_bound <= i <= upper_bound] TypeError: '<=' not supported between instances of 'int' and 'list')what should I do?
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2021.12.08 12:47 Quiet_Mine_7685 eth me pls 0x370C832aA8521dbDB1AC7D295Ba02Ed8aaaFBF4C

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2021.12.08 12:47 re-thinkmusic Burial Pulled Me Through

I can't quite describe it but Burial has always done it for me. Creating something that has pulled me through life. It understands. Life has great deals of pain at times, and I have found Burial's music helpful to process and work through the trials of life. Heres something I poured my own life into. I don't know who else would appreciate it besides the feelers of music. Listen if you'd like <3
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2021.12.08 12:47 Twaa06 [H] 27$ Paypal [W] Battlefield 2042

I do not have a RTX
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2021.12.08 12:47 Odlavso Documentary I found on youtube that might interest some of you - End of the Road - How Money Became Worthless | Financial Crisis | Wall Street

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2021.12.08 12:47 sorrym1ssjacks0n Sling threading help

I just got my first ring sling. (Aura Leaf LL double linen if that helps) When I thread it through and then try to find the top and bottom rails, they’re always overlapping the other fabric and I’m not able to tighten it. It almost seems like there’s too much fabric for the rings and it’s too bunched up. I’ve watched so many videos and just can’t seem to get it right. It seems so straight forward and easy. What am I missing?
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2021.12.08 12:47 HizzOVizzA Only had the shutdown for an hour before we started work

Night shift here. I just wanted to say that I had so much fun in that single hour. It was start of shift and the system was still down. We did a Macarena dance before I was sent to the break areas. Gathering a small group, I just started rapping and teaching people to dance. It was probably one of the best shifts I’ve ever had, even though I could only experience an hour of down time.
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2021.12.08 12:47 andross99 Gamepass and campaign

So even if you have Xbox gamepass ultimate you still have to buy the campaign?
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2021.12.08 12:47 Alternative-Ad-3055 75+ PP

Going to do 50 75+ PP
View Poll
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2021.12.08 12:47 think_you_know This is Brandon country!!

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2021.12.08 12:47 XMRbull Just quit. Joining the movement (lol TY so much for all the unexpected awards IDK what to say!!)

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2021.12.08 12:47 Mooulay Why am I still here?

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2021.12.08 12:47 Benske67 chill lofi songs

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2021.12.08 12:47 bizzok WCGW when you are easily distracted

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2021.12.08 12:47 lovesadie a loaf at home in her bread basket

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2021.12.08 12:47 Electrical_Rip3396 The irony in this is crazy

Anyone else see the post where they posted a screenshot of a Washington fan ranting how he doesn’t care if a Cowboy player gets injured and doesn’t see them as humans. And now their TE is injured 💀
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2021.12.08 12:47 withbite I won a free home makeover from a new online show. Only the depraved would want to view it.

I have Exploding Head Syndrome.
This is not caused by a microchip implanted without my knowledge or radiation leaking into my house.
It is a recognised medical condition.
As I am falling asleep, I hear the deafening crack of a bullet being discharged from a firearm, a sharp, bright light flashes in front of my eyes, and I start suddenly back awake.
There is no gunshot, no light, no danger to anything but my increasingly frayed nerves. It is all in my mind.
I can't afford to pay some fancy medic to try and help me, and even if I could, I'd be throwing away money.
The causes and possible treatments of Exploding Head Syndrome are stuck in the realm of speculation.
All of which has left me to get on with my life as best I can. Overall, my condition has not impacted too negatively on me. I've struggled to find a lady friend who wants to sleep next to a man who jumps up suddenly at least once a night then sits there sweating and cussing.
I have been more successful in my professional life, working my way to deputy manager of a small convenience store, and I recently bought my first house. It is detached with a small scrap of land out back, and it was just within my budget.
The house needed a lot of work doing on it when I bought it. The walls were bare or peeling. Stuffing was sticking out of the arm of the sofa like puss emerging from a lanced boil. The shower leaked, the kitchen faucet spluttered lukewarm water only, and when it rained heavily a rank smell rose up out of the drains.
When I made manager at the store, the hike in my wage would allow me to do the place up.
Until then, I thought this was how it was going to be.
And then she knocked on my door.
It was early evening and I was starting a six pack. I ignored the gentle tapping at first. I had lost touch with my family, my friends never called round, and I knew none of my neighbours.
I really wasn't interested in being hassled by a stranger.
But, the tapping continued, and now whoever it was, was turning the volume up. I went to see what the hell they wanted, swung open the door, ready to chew them out, then froze.
She must have been over six foot tall. Her hair draped over her shoulders like a blond waterfall and her eyes were the prettiest blue I had ever seen. She also had some of those foxy oversized glasses front and centre on her face.
She was a sight. A rare and wonderful vision. I hitched up my shorts.
"Ma'am," I said, as a gentleman would. She smiled at this. There were no cracks in her teeth, no stains.
"Good afternoon," she said. "My name is Maisie and I am a producer working on a new show. We are in your area today looking for members of the public to participate in our pilot episode."
I took a swig of my beer for courage, looked her straight in the eye and asked, "How much?"
It turned out there were no dollars on offer, but what I could get was a top to bottom redecoration and refurbishment of my house.
New wallpaper, new furniture, new fittings, the works.
In return, all I needed to do was to give the show's crew unlimited access to my home to film the makeover, and to let them film my reaction when I saw the transformation.
"Sure," I told the beautiful Maisie. "I could do that."
She preferred to stand rather than using my sofa, so I used it to rest the contract on while I signed it.
The deal was done. I was elated. It turned out good things did drop into your lap, you just had to be in the right place at the right time.
Maisie's smile meanwhile could have been seen from space. "Amazing," she said. "We'll start tomorrow."
She turned to leave. I silently cursed my Exploding Head Syndrome. Without it, maybe, just maybe, she would have spent the night with me.
She hesitated - the thought flickered once more in my head, Maybe? - then she looked back and said, "There's just a couple more things. Very small things. If that's OK?"
"Anything," I murmured.
"Amazing! The first thing is, would you be able to give me contact details for a couple of your friends. We would like them to have input to the makeover, to make it extra special."
"Of course." I nodded enthusiastically, like a Jack-in-the-box, that has just sprung out into the open. "I know just the boys."
"A-ma-zing. And the final thing. Can I have a skin sample?"
When I arrived at Al's apartment an hour later the back of my hand was stinging like hell under a band aid.
Maisie had explained that my skin tone and texture would be used to calculate the perfect wall coverings to be in harmony with the real me. I did not want to appear wimpy, so consented.
I tried to not to think about the way she had produced a small scalpel from her shoulder bag with another perfect smile, and pressed Al's buzzer. Al worked in construction when his back was not playing him up and had the most tremendous handlebar moustache. No car was better waxed than Al's face-fuzz.
He welcomed me in. Tom was already there. Tom was on benefits. If he ever committed a crime, any potential witness would describe him as wearing a battered old pair of brown leather boots. Tom loved his boots like Al loved his 'tache.
I was mighty fond of both of them.
I shared my news with them, a bit worried at first that they would be angry I had given their details to Maisie. But I need not have worried. She had already been in touch, and had already worked her charm on them,
With big grins on our faces we settled down to the game. This was cards night, when Tom, Al and me gathered around a table and bet penny stacks and agreed what was wrong with the world.
I arrived home sometime around midnight and drunkenly wandered around my house imaging what it would be like once it was transformed.
The next day I was pretty hazy and had almost forgotten that Maisie had told me I would be picked up after work. When she pulled up, her hair tied back all regal-like, the stupid, annoying things that had happened at the store that day faded into the distance.
I had booked all my annual leave to begin in a couple of days - which is how long Maisie had told me the makeover would take - so I could enjoy my new domestic surroundings. Perhaps, invite Maisie round for a meal.
I spent the car ride wanting to ask her if she preferred pizza or Chinese but could not find the words.
She dropped me off at a hotel on the outskirts of town and went with me to make sure I got checked in OK. The production company had paid for the room and meals. There was cable, the shower had a massage setting.
This was living.
As I tried the bed for springiness, I told Maisie that I already felt famous. She smiled her smile. "You will be. Our market research has shown there is a real demand for our type of show. Your face will be on laptops across the world."
A zit appeared on the face of my happiness.
"Laptop?" I asked.
"Why yes," she said, sitting on the bed right next to me. Close enough to touch if I moved my hand an inch. My heart started to beat faster. I fought to focus as she went on. "The show will be available exclusively on the internet, but only for those who have subscribed."
She put her hand on my leg, looked into my eyes and said, "You are part of the future of entertainment."
I puckered up.
She shook her head, got up and left.
Time passed slow then. The hotel's luxury was sweet but I kept wishing Maisie was there to share it with me. Work annoyed me more than usual and I ended up losing my temper and resigning on the spot.
Back at the hotel, I ordered a bottle of bourbon on room service and thought about what Maisie had said about being part of the future. As the drinks slipped down real easy, I saw how I could turn this one appearance into a career. I would give interviews, be invited onto chat shows. There would be a spin-off reality series just about me. This became clearer and clearer as the hotel room blurred around me.
At some point I tried phoning Al and Tom. If I couldn't have a good woman by my side at least I could have my best buds. But they didn't pick up.
I started to fall asleep, heard a gunshot and saw a painfully bright light when my Exploding Head Syndrome kicked in. Sitting there, woozy with the booze but now wide awake, I made a mental note to hire the best doctors money could buy to find a cure for my condition. It would make a great stand-alone edition for my reality show. Could even be a Christmas special.
This was the last thing I remember before someone knocked on my hotel room door. It was Maisie. The scent of Paradise wafted against my face as I blinked, red-eyed and swallowed down an acidic belch.
"Today's the day," she said brightly. "The day of the big reveal. Are you ready?"
I smiled. "Great."
As she drove me back to my house, Maisie explained what would happen. "When you arrive, the camera will record your every move. When you go into your house and see how it has been changed, your reaction will be online gold. I can't wait." She took a hand off the wheel and squeezed my cheek.
A few minutes later we arrived. Nothing on the exterior looked different. The only sign of my impending celebrity was the man standing outside my house pointing a hand held camera at me.
My legs feeling wobbly, I stepped out of the car and headed towards my door.
I could smell Maisie's perfume nearby - figured she was following me but keeping out of the camera's sight.
This is it, I told myself, and stepped inside.
The hallway took my breath away. A pristine wooden floor shone, walls painted off-white led to the doors to my kitchen and front room. A strip light subtly embedded in the ceiling cast a gentle glow over everything.
I remembered there was a camera filming me and shut my mouth.
Somewhere behind me I heard Maisie whisper, "Act naturally."
I walked down the hall. Entered my front room.
I could have wept with happiness. My hideous sofa had gone to be replaced by a black leather recliner. A glass table stood next to this - the perfect resting place for the drink I would get from the new mahogany drinks' cabinet. Which I would sip while watching my new slimline widescreen TV.
"Wow," I said. "Wow."
Then I noticed the boots that had been placed on a newly installed shelf either side of a row of shiny hardback books. They were brown battered leather. I moved closer to look inside one. Bile rose into my mouth at the sight of bone poking through ragged flesh.
I turned away in horror. Saw the wall covering. It was pale with pink blotches and about head-height there was a line of bushy, groomed hair, which curled up at the edges.
I puked, on the brand new carpet.
Gasping for breath, my mind reeling, I looked for Maisie. She was standing in a corner. The cameraman was next to her, still filming me.
I pointed at her, cried out, "You've turned my best friends into wallpaper and a pair of bookends."
She smiled her smile.
Then she placed her hand on the cameraman's arm - he stopped filming.
She began to applaud. "Amazing. Such a dramatic reaction." Then she stepped towards me and said, "The deep web awaits."
I did not see the syringe in her hand until it was too late, and the needle was in my arm and the plunger pressed.
Within seconds a numbness was spreading throughout my body and I staggered backwards, found myself falling into the recliner.
Maisie was standing over me. "We just have one more piece to add, one more bare wall to beautify."
She once more produced the scalpel. It seemed to shimmer in the light as she brought it closer to my face. I felt the first cut, just below my ear.
I wanted to scream. Wanted to beg. But I could not speak, could barely move. I was almost paralysed. The only thing I could feel was fear.
Her smile filled my vision and she whispered, "It will be just like falling asleep."
My eyelids flickered.
A gunshot exploded. A blinding light filled the world before me.
And I sat bolt upright.
Isabelle looked shocked, stepped away just for a moment - long enough for me to lash out and grab the scalpel.
I was not thinking, just acting on instinct and was as surprised as she looked when I slashed her face with the scalpel.
She collapsed to the floor, and the last thing I remember before I passed out was the cameraman dragging her backwards across the floor, leaving a trail of blood.
Screw the new carpet, I thought, and that was it.
By the time I came round they were gone and it was dark outside. I was alone in a house decorated with the remains of my best friends.
I'm still here. I'm too scared to go outside or contact the authorities. What if they don't believe me? What if I am arrested for murder and locked away?
I need to think, need to come up with a plan.
In the meantime, I have one thing to ask.
If you are online later, if you are in the dark hidden places that exist, seeking something forbidden, something to get your pulse racing, and you see a new page for a show teasing a home makeover with a twist - if you do, please please do not press Subscribe.
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2021.12.08 12:47 LatterIntroduction17 He played until he's 51…

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2021.12.08 12:47 d0c0ntra Vacinação contra a covid-19 obrigatória? Chega “repudia” posição de Von der Leyen

Partido liderado por André Ventura também contesta possibilidade de vacinar crianças a partir dos cinco anos sem que se reúna um “consenso alargado na comunidade científica internacional, independentemente da posição da DGS e da comissão técnica”.
“Portugal tem de se afastar deste paradigma não apenas porque o ritmo de vacinação voluntária está bastante acelerado, mas também porque a tradição jurídica e social portuguesa é de rejeitar qualquer tipo de imposição de vacinação”, defende o partido de André Ventura, assegurando que esta “é uma questão de liberdade e direitos humanos que não deve ser desvalorizada”.
já vens tarde meu caro!
pq razão nunca abriste a boca especialmente na AR contra todo este circo?
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2021.12.08 12:47 waterdoggy1 What do you fjnd most lesbians are attracted to?

Last night before i could sleep i just realized there is a known flagship appearance of taste from different sexualities. Most people would say straight women find a tall toned man attractive, a straight man to find a petite woman with large breasts attractive, gay men to find a large man with biceps for days attractive. But i dont really think there is one for lesbians?
Not to put any group in a box, i just like discussing these topics as its fun to see what people actually like aside from what is assumed to be.
What is your personal oppinion on what lesbians find attractive? What do you find attractive?
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2021.12.08 12:47 Asleep-Bit-4429 Small cornflower herb, unknown to many people, has great medicinal benefits, you can translate

Small cornflower herb, unknown to many people, has great medicinal benefits, you can translate
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